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February 4, 2011

They are big stars in the industry and they have had nemerous hit records… and now the lovely Alexandra Burke and hot boys JLS are muscling in on the world of underwear.

If you didnt know, the stars catapulted to fame on X Factor in 2008 and since then have gone mega so its no suprise that they have launched their new fashion range, 2KX to capitilze on their success.

Their spring summer 2011 collection, on sale in USC stores next month, boasts clothing for men and women. As you can see, it’s an impressive body of work….

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I candy for the ladies!!!

September 9, 2010

Trey songz is looking goooooodddd in his new stylish video, but not to sure about the song….

but we still love you trey…….

on the other hand one of the best current song writers in my opinion Mr Neyo….
Lets be honest he is no trey, but always comes out with the club bangers and amazing slow jams.

check out his new video with his 2 dancers cliff and john they look like a great boy band…..


If looks could kill!

January 6, 2010

Rihanna stole the show again at the American Music Awards 2009, where she wore that dress and shot out red laser beams as she danced.  Moritz Waldemeyer is the head designer behind the outfits that are now worn by all the top stars, including Kanye West and Madonna.

Moritz Waldemeyer's team's designs

digital swagger

The ambassador of digital fashion design was born in East Germany, trained up in the UK, and is now internationally renowned for collaborating with the most current and popular icons of  the commercial entertainment industry.

See an example of how Moritz makes his laser light-show line of clothing:

See the Rated R, RnB royalty in action (laser beams at 3:17):

If you ever fancy heading to pick up one of Moritz’s digital designer wears, don’t forget to travel the Waldemeyer way:

original happy joy rider

Moritz keeps it movin'


Superstar role model not playing the role

May 22, 2009

Nas is loosing it!

Arguably a hip hop pioneer on many levels, Nasir Jones seems to have finally lost his renowned integrity.

Nas: true soldier of hip hop

Nas: true soldier of hip hop

The current husband of sexy RnB pop star Kelis must be under some intense pressure as he has recently released a new album ‘Untitled’, is apparently trying to work on a new album with Pete Rock, has a baby on the way any minute now, and has just been served with divorce papers!

Hats off to the man who has been one of the more conscious rappers of our times, and has consistently evolved as an international artist, excelling way past the expectations of the average baby born 1973 in New York Queens.

But now the hip hop ambassador has a new experience on his hands, one that is a test for every man on the planet, and one where only the fittest and smartest survive: fatherhood.

baby Nas

baby Nas

Hiphopbaby courtesy of Kanari

So it can come as a shock to hear that during his divorce court proceedings, the apparent role model rapper has requested a deny of ‘Spousal Support’ for baby burdened Kelis, which means she ain’t gettin’ no money, even wid da baby.

It takes two: Kelis apparently served the divorce at this pregnant poignant time of any relationship, due to “irreconcilable differences”; she suspected Nas of cheating.
Regardless of what the parents now want to do, the baby was conceived, and as nature plans it, it’s on its way; surely the new father would want the best for the child, whether or not he wants the worst for the mother?

‘Baby Fathers’ (one of the most derogatory yet genuine terms I know!) can be a war zone if issuing the opinions of ladies who are mothers, and gents who are fathers; and it is unfortunate to see yet ‘another one bite the dust’ in terms of our beloved celebrity couples,

But please please let’s not start a trend of role model celebrity baby fathers; if at the very least to hold off the likes of Channel E top tens, and MTV reality shows!

Nasir Jones and Kelis Rogers: soon to be separated parents

Nasir Jones and Kelis Rogers: soon to be separated parents

What d’you think, should Nas pay up?


The soul MILF’s are back!

May 16, 2009

Speaking of four sexy superstars, how about a bit of old school diva thrown in for keeps: RnB mama supergroup ‘En Vogue’ are to once again bless our ear drums with their majestic voices when they hit the stadiums for a reunited tour later on this year. They couldn’t have started their media hype soon enough, singing for a crowd on Mothers Day, and appearing on TV chat show ‘The View’.
Check out the girls in action:

(Courtesy of Grown Folks Music)