February 1, 2011

Why not? If the boy is going to cheat, it doesn’t matter if he’s handsome cute or otherwise, he’s not to be trusted. The difference with a sweet boy however is that he is offered more opportunities to stray from your side! But what is a sweet boy? Its a guy thats looks after himself, wears the flyest garms, always smells good, flawless skin, chiseled jaw line ,cute boyish looks, a hard toned body and loves himself (sometims more then his girl)
He fancies himself as gods gift to women and seems to flawlessly gets by with just his swagger and looks plus all the other boys hate on him.

As young girls we swoon after them, we cant stop talking bout them, we have panic attacks when they look at us, some even fight over them. I noticed a few things as we get older, we start to wonder if they are worth all the fuss and the trouble.

But…. can you trust somone like this?

You need to consider if you trust him, and if you do, then don’t just assume that because he’s good looking that he’s automatically a cheater. This isn’t necessarily the case. Unless he has given you cause to mistrust him, you are putting a major stress on your relationship by allowing your insecurities to interfere with the way you feel towards your partner. You won’t ever be happy if you can’t see what he’s doing, and he’s not going to be happy knowing that whatever he says, you don’t believe him. Until he gives you reason to think that he’s showing an interest in other women, don’t mess up your relationship with ‘maybe’ scenarios!

One thing you do need to watch however is how your friends are around him. Most girls enjoy the company and interaction with a sweet boy, the fact that this is ‘your’ guy isn’t going to stop them from flirting with him! If you’re man isn’t just good looking, but he’s also charming and funny, then this makes him a magnet for other girls. Even if he’s not interested, that won’t stop them trying! It doesn’t mean that you should drop all your friends and move to some secluded island where you can keep your man all to yourself however! What it does mean is that you should target your insecurities to real threats and not to perceived ones. Don’t mistrust your man just because he’s handsome, and ignore the fact that it’s actually your friends who are flirting with him! But if your man is egging them on and is taking contact numbers down.. Beware!!!

All women are beautiful in some way. By assuming that a handsome man can’t be trusted, that should also mean in this age of equality that a beautiful woman can’t be trusted too. Do you believe this is also true? Can your partner trust you? Or are you looking at other guys? Of course you’re not, why should you, when you’ve already got the guy of your dreams well the same applies to him.

There are some men who cheat, that’s not in dispute but don’t assume that your man will be one of them until a situation presents itself where you have real reason to doubt him. If he has a history of cheating, or he left another woman for you, then this is a history that needs to be monitored because it can become a pattern. If this isn’t the case however, relax and just enjoy the company of a good looking Sweet boy, not to mention being the envy of all the women around you!



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  2. Another thing I'd add: have fun. Oh and to not argue about camera setting in online forums (that's a noob thing to do). Hahaha But mainly, above all, have fun.

  3. That kind of thinking shows you’re an expert

  4. I feel satsefiid after reading that one.

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