10 ways to attract a man!!!!

January 2, 2011

Hey Ladies its a new year so if you want to grab a man here a few tips on how to attract that new man!!!!

1.There is probably nothing that attracts a guy towards a girl more than her genuine self. Therefore, girls need to learn how to be confident of their looks and overall self-image.
Most importantly, girls must never try to pretend to be someone else just to try and impress a guy. After all, most guys can see through a girl if she’s being genuine or not. And guys dislike girls who try to wear another image since it reflects their low self-esteem and insecurity.

2.Appreciate a guy. As much as women spend time fixing herself or getting dressed, men also dedicate a substantial amount of time getting fixed.
Therefore, girls must try to be vocal about giving guys a compliment. You can either do it in a straightforward or playful manner. But still, knowing how to appreciate a man will attract a guy.

3.In connection to the tips above, women must not try to overdo themselves when dressing up. It is okay to take good care of your looks, but guys are turned off when women pay more attention to their looks than on their guy companion. As long as you’re presentable and clean, guys are fine with that.

4.Produce a positive vibe. When you are a happy person, it is easy to spread that happiness onto the people around you. And if you can do that to a guy, then he’d love to be around you more often.

5.Laugh at his jokes. This might seem trivial, but having a sense of humor and learning how to laugh together is one of the foundations to building a relationship, it ensures that you both are able to appreciate the brighter side of life and take things lightly from time to time.

6.Use flirting body language. Sometimes, your gestures tell more about your feelings and intentions than words. Therefore, learn how to effectively send signals to a guy that you find him attractive and want to get to know better. you can do this by small gestures like softly touching him on his arms and chest frequently and licking and touching your lips.

7.Make eye contact. Your eyes can say a lot. And exchanging meaningful glances are one of the most effective ways to lure a guy towards you.

8.When you spot a guy you like at a party, try to get close to him. Aside from sending out the message that you are attracted, it also shows how comfortable you are about yourself.

9.Develop a fun and vibrant personality. With a personality such as this, it is easy for you to stand out in a crowd and enable guys to notice you.

10.Be interested in the guy. Despite all the physical attraction, you should show interest in getting to know more about him. so ask questions about him, and try to make jokes as this will ease the getting to know you question card.

Well i hope you liked all these tips now it time for you to put it into practice!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!



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