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MO-AM Movies to be Screened Portobello Road Film Festival

August 20, 2009

MO-AM Masters are proud to announce that two of  our Short films “Broken Doll House’  and Communication have been  short listed for this years prestigous ‘Portobello Road Film Festival’ . The date is September 9th and all films will be screened at Westbourne Studios in fornt a  Panle of Judges. MO-AM are not new to film festivals having laready won two awards another two films.

  For more details check the link for full film list and info. Come down and check it out if you can and come say hello. Hope to see you down there.



August 19, 2009

MO-AM at Inspired flight Trizine Party

Find out what a Trizine is when MO-AM and Fresh as Tommi went to the inspired flight launch party at shorditch east London.


Fresh as Tommi with hip hop Legends at this Years ‘ Breakin Convention’

August 17, 2009

Fresh as Tommi recently covered and presented at this years Breakin Convention with some of the best dancers in the world. They also had the pleasure of interviewing some of Hip Hop finest legends.

                                                                                                                                                                             The  Girls and MR WIGGLES


                                                                                                                                                   FRESH AS TOMMI  with DJ CASH MONEY


                                                                                                                                                      Girls Pose with ROCK STEADY CREW LEGEND  KEN SWIFT & BURN ONEDSC07626


August 15, 2009

Fresh as Tommi TV part 4

Peeks and Bambi talk about the importance of image and take us out on a typical fresh as Tommi shopping day in central london for a future photoshoot.


August 15, 2009

fresh Tv part 3

part 3 to their intro


August 12, 2009

Fresh TV prt 2

check out the 2nd part to Fresh as Tommi exciting show.


The virtual future is upon us

August 11, 2009

Okay, its summer, holiday and outdoors fun time for all.

Almost everyone can enjoy fun times in sunny climates, at least till September, when it all gets back to doing stuff indoors; any students out there have to be a bit more intellectual, and slightly technical (not that we at Moam have anything against that!).

Well image your class was taught to you in 3D? Or imagine at work your text or diagrams would literally jump out of the screen?

All of that is due to happen soon using an environment where a student could almost touch and move the animated colourful numbers of maths, or at work a person could see their annoying boss as they walk around the place with a virtual monkey dancing on their head, or better still, see their boss walking around as a virtual Lara Croft, or Wolverine (whatever your taste) .

Augmented Reality is here, and for those of you who didn’t already know, it’s probably here to stay; Moam are excited to see how it is going to evolve.

See here how Augmented Reality (AR) is used today, incorporating software you may already have, like Flash

You can experience the 3D:AR that currently uses Flash and Papervision with new fun pop singer, Julian Perretta’s promo:

Julian Perretta promo: Ride My Star (check your speakers as you move around, any comments?)

See the potential for AR

Some more recent examples of AR here

And see how AR could be used tomorrow

Have fun peeps, and remember to keep it movin : )