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Run Free?

December 16, 2010

Hey people!! check out this serious Video of UK skilled freerun talent. Whats freerunning? come on get with it!! freerunning is a form of urban acrobatics in which participants, known as free runners, use the city and rural landscape to perform movements through its structures.

Check me i’m one of the guys in a hood doing my thang… lol i wish!! I was there for part of the shoot though too SICK the guys a really cool, watch out they got more coming!!


If you didn’t know about Tim Campbell..

December 10, 2010

Winner of the 1st Apprentice, check out Tim Campbell and his company Bright Ideas Trust it could be right up your street people…


We no speak proper english…

October 29, 2010

Check out the cool video by one of my favorite directors Andy Hylton, by Yolanda be cool called “we no speak americano’.
I love this track really cool video too its jokes very different from what i’ve seen Hylton do. Seems like its set in the early 1920’s the colours and effects used mesh well together. Big tings aaagwan!


Comedians about…

October 29, 2010

Sup guy’s/girls not sure if you unnoticed but lately a spur of comedians are on the rise some ok some extremely funny. My favorite at the moment Jason lewis and these guys KG & Marston. These guys are tearing it down boldy going where there own ideas take them without a second thought. Check out KG & Marston latest sketch a comedy music video, please please please check out there previous work also and Jason Lewis! there’s more to come from them soon.



October 25, 2010

Now we’ve recovered here’s a lil sneeky peek of MO-AM filming at this years 2 day Rumfest & Golden Barrel Awards event at Olympia 2, so much rum so little time. check more out at
Look out for the worlds largest pini colada,carnival dancers….phew just look at the pics already lol, video footage coming soon




Top 10 site in the UK

October 19, 2010

It always good to know who & what is popular. Here are the top 10 sites in the UK’s most searched for url’s. For any web designer or business, we should review this info regularly & find out why & how we can take from this & incorporate it to make what we do more efficient, TWITTER JUST MISSED OUT AT NO 11, so what do you think, how would you use this info?

  • 1. Google UK
  • 2. Facebook
  • 3. Google
  • 4. YouTube
  • 5. Yahoo
  • 6. BBC Online
  • 7. eBay UK
  • 8. Windows Live
  • 9. Wikipedia
  • 10.
  • h1

    Lil Man to watch out for…oh and your girl lol

    September 7, 2010

    Seen this kid about for a lickle while now doing his thing, gave me the most jokes had to share! He’s so bold
    and quick witted, he’s about to be a problem just watch lol. Check it out.

    Naa you gotta see part 2 lol