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The Word Art of Juan Osborne

December 14, 2010

I came across this awsome artwork by Juan Osborne. I love typography myself & love what hes done. Juan Osborne is a Spanish architect and designer, that has literally taken this expression and created stunning art with this concept. His amazing compositions are made up of words, literally thousands of words!
He starts his process by collecting words from books, speeches, movies and recreates photographs and painting using these words laid out in a way so that they form the picture.


Kenrick McFarlane

November 26, 2010

upcoming artist, Kenrick McFarlane, had a solo exhibition that coincided with Common’s receiving of the Dolores Jordan Award. His main goal is to educate, entertain, and inspire my viewers, giving them an experience they would never forget. Check him here



October 20, 2010


Art taken to the next level!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 3, 2010

Kaws is Brian Don­nelly from Jer­sey City Graffiti artist extraordinaire!!!!!!!!!!!!
He started from the streets and now has col­lab­o­rated with with the biggest names around Orig­i­nal fake, Medicom toy, Nigo for A Bathing Ape, Jun “Jonio” Taka­hashi for Under­cover, Bur­ton snow­boards, Nike, Vans, and now Comme des Garçons and many more!!!!!!
Also has worked with A list artist from cover shoots to Album covers to designing jewelery and now is doing exhibitions all over the world !!!!!!

check out some of his work!!!!!


amazing 3D work

September 27, 2010

In the age of the creatives and 3D age people are more and more experimenting with techniques. Here is some amazing 3D pencil work.


dirty wind shield art

September 9, 2010

Hit the jump to see Scott Wade at work. It’s amazing how some people think of ways to be creative.