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Coca Cola…Short film

December 16, 2010

Yo you gotta click play and watch this i think its overly cool, very creative and there is actually more to come. Nice this type of thing keeps me motivated to come up with some sick ideas!

(Quick info)
“Burn” energy drink is going to release 3 short movies: “Ride” (dir. Garth Davis), “Playground” (dir. Glendyn Ivin) and “Peepshow” (dir. Jonathan Hill), telling the stories of real-life characters from the skate, music, and snowboarding communities. “Ride” , which was shot in Mexico City, is focusing on skaters and the flaming trails they are leaving…


Behind the scenes – US Commercials

February 14, 2010

Its no secret that there are big budgets in tv commercials (adverts) but still amazes me the lengths
in which many of go to to promote their BRANDS…check out this cool Beer drinking one. Budweiser

Funny and creative lol


Behind the scenes with Joel grimes photographer

February 7, 2010

check out a behind the scenes snippet of Joel Grimes photography work and a a bit of retouching to
keep you intrigued and inspired.

Well he couldn’t show you everything now, that would be tellin… go feed your brain and learn some issh people.



February 7, 2010

Check out the new Jordan Brand trainers with Dwayne wade’s (of Miami Heat basketball team) on the US commercial Nightmares never sleeps behind the scenes.
Serious graphics i’m feeling it!

Makes me either want to make or be in a commercial myself!


Celebrity >>> Ludacris – How Low Music Video

February 4, 2010

Yo sup people check out Ludacris latest video high low, track is serious and yet again Luda coming with some fresh funky and creative video concepts to keep you entertained!!