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Snoop Dog got a story for ya’ll

December 21, 2010

Check out Snoops latest xmas story…


Coca Cola…Short film

December 16, 2010

Yo you gotta click play and watch this i think its overly cool, very creative and there is actually more to come. Nice this type of thing keeps me motivated to come up with some sick ideas!

(Quick info)
“Burn” energy drink is going to release 3 short movies: “Ride” (dir. Garth Davis), “Playground” (dir. Glendyn Ivin) and “Peepshow” (dir. Jonathan Hill), telling the stories of real-life characters from the skate, music, and snowboarding communities. “Ride” , which was shot in Mexico City, is focusing on skaters and the flaming trails they are leaving…


Get you lighting game up!

December 10, 2010

Check out some tips on how to do proper lighting for shoots! Get in the know people!



November 18, 2010

Yeo Valley a organic milk made products come with a different video on a Hip Hop vibe, generating a huge amount of hits over the last month upon its release. Commercial shot from one of my favorite directors LITTLE X (Julien Lutz) had to put his little twist on it just shows that nothing is impossible and as it seems. Check it out may make you giggle.



November 18, 2010

TV ads as you see are getting very creative so no doubt i can see us at MO-AM venturing into
this territory soon enough. Check out this crazily funny ad, no really check it out!!! lol 🙂


HD Beats ya’all get with it!

October 2, 2010

Sup ladies/gents by now you must of heard about dr.dre’s new product the dre headphones bringing you music in High Definition sounds the way its supposed to be! Check out one of many installments of commercials coming from this product, with your man Dre, basketball superstar Lebron James and the popular comedian Affion Crockett.

Shot using Dslr camera’s the production value is just serious i tell you! check out the behind the scenes and then the full commercial! SOUND IS ENERGY YEZZZIRRRRRRR!!!!!!


Oh so cool…

January 12, 2010

Check the making of one of McDonald’s new 2010 breakfast commercials in the U.S featuring WordSpit, Joya Bravo, and the creator of Dollar Van Demos, Joe. Quite cool how the American adverts are getting more creative….will the UK be following in their footsteps…

Pretty cool i think, who knows MO-AM could be coming with some sick adverts watch this space ya’ll