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Lil wayne is Back!!!

November 16, 2010

Lil Wayne will tell you its all about the hard work and how he became successful!!!!!!!!!

Keep your dreams alive and work hard for it get inspired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


luv this… hip hop is art

September 30, 2010

Exclusive: Behind the scenes >> Lil Wayne & Eminem

March 3, 2010

Yo sup pplz, yeah i know right…what a collaboration!!! Its real good to see Eminem back again he’s been missed and yo with lil wayne on this track too sounds serious ‘Drop the world’. Check out the behind the scenes with up and coming Director Chris Robinson whos causes a storm right now, feeling his style and demeanor.

yeah looks like the red has popped its head up again lol, looking good pplz! Can’t wait to see the video should be a good premiere so watch out. You know MO-AM gona be searching for it before it hits screens (“,) in abit pplz!!


Behind the scenes >> Young Money

February 20, 2010

Check out Lil waynes crew Young money on there video shoot for ‘Roger that’

Stay tuned for the official video soon…


Celebrity – Behind the scenes Drake Commerical

February 14, 2010

Check out Young Moneys artist Drake in a new Sprite commercial, jeez they not playing these days.

Check the final cut out (couldn’t find a high quality one sorry ya’ll)


Westwood meets a woozy Weezy

February 12, 2010

That Cash Money Millionaire is representing yet again, with an unprecedented 9 videos before he serves his time for having firearms, due to start in March, due out early 2011.
Here Westwood catches him on the sidelines of one of his crazy five a day videos.
With a rotation of up to five productions that could usually take a day each, and an impending sentence incarcerated away from his millions, it’s no wonder the weezy is looking a bit worse for wear.
Still showing off them million dollar teeth though! Well apparently his dentist appointment allowed him to postpone his jail start date, so I’m not surprised he’s still grinning.
See Westwood catching up with his boy lil weezy during the mega-shoot:


Behind the scenes with lil Wayne

January 30, 2010

Lil Wayne- The Nino Brown Story 2- Part 1/10 (HQ)

check out lil wayne doing his thing behind the scenes there are multiple parts to this video so look out for the next parts