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January 29, 2011

London is one of the best cities in the world and if your visiting London for the first time it would be good to know how to get around the place and feel at home .So we’ll show you how to be london girl to get the best out of it to fully enjoy your stay.
One of the best things of being a London girl, is the great access to the best shops for fashion, shoe, bumping into all kind of people in the clubs like celebrities, footballers and hot models, and all these things are around the corner!!!!!
So what i going to write is How to be like a London girl for one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So the firsts steps of being a London girl you want to get a drop dead gorgeous outfit!!!!
The areas to check out for shopping are Camden, Carnaby Street, Westend, Covent Gardens, Wood Green, Portobello Road, E street market, Brixton markert, Shepard Bush, Bricklane. But to get aound the best way to go is the Underground train system, its our version of the subways. this will enable to you get in that few extra hours of shopping going from one end of london to another without having to worry about traffic.
You’ll find amazing clothes, shoes, handbag, accessories, and also make up if you run out of it!!!
London girls love to get dressed up and go shopping with the girlies, and when in the changing rooms take a whole load of pictures just for keepsakes, or for your boyfriends lol. The time for a break so pop into Starbuck if you see one for a hot drink and some yummy yummy cakes.
Also what is great that you can go to just one place to get all these things!!!!! Selfridges, is a great place to get high end designers to reasonable priced designer so click here to buy online or find out how to get there!!!!!!!!!!

After shopping and trying on thousand of clothes and shoes, before you go and get your nails and hair done, its time to eat where ever you are you may find a Nandos whih sell grilled chicken or go and eat at Vapiano on Great Portland In Westend!!!!!!!!!! Its the BEST place to sit and have lunch or dinner at, they do all sorts of pasta and pizza and salads!!!!
They also have amazing customer service, its a must to go there even if you don’t like pasta or pizza!!!!!!


Once you have finished getting ready, its time to hit the club!!!!!!
Its really important to know how your getting to the club and back, our best advise is to contact Addison Lee for a cab. Its safe and might be cheaper or expensive than other cabs but it is well worth it. Tip when calling for a cab is to book in advance, because at peek times it will be quite hard for you to get a cab to come to you within the next 5 mins. So by booking in advance there is no waiting around!!!! Secret lucky tip!!! If your lucky when booking your cab in the evenings you get the hot sexy red carpet cab, there is nothing better than traveling in style!!! 😛 CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT ADDISON LEE!!

Time to pick out the clubs, depending on what music you like and crowd of people you like to be around will determine the best club for you!!!
The most popular clubs in West End are Movida, Aura, Studio Valbonne, Vendome, Merah, Maya, Wisky Mist, Amika, Cirque du Soir, Funky Buddha, Embassy, Luxx these are just the few some of these clubs are members only so you will have to know someone that has a guest list, the best place to find the guest list is to surf the net or facebook for party events. Then when its time to head home you can arrange with Addidon Lee to pick you up or use the many night buses that can take you home or hop into a black Taxi cab. CLICK HERE TO HAVE A LOOK AT ONE OF THE CLUBS, AURA!!!!

Well i hope this helps you to have a BRILLIANT and SAFE day out in LONDON, and i hope it gives you a taste on what its like to be a London girl!!!


Pounded Yam anyone ? :-)

December 28, 2010

Eddie Kadi you can’t not laugh when he is around believe me check out his remix of Lethal B’s 2011.
loooool funny maayn!!


Run Free?

December 16, 2010

Hey people!! check out this serious Video of UK skilled freerun talent. Whats freerunning? come on get with it!! freerunning is a form of urban acrobatics in which participants, known as free runners, use the city and rural landscape to perform movements through its structures.

Check me i’m one of the guys in a hood doing my thang… lol i wish!! I was there for part of the shoot though too SICK the guys a really cool, watch out they got more coming!!


T-mobile funny yet creative Ad

November 18, 2010

T-Mobile have been around for a long while now, i remember when it was one2one lol those was the days. Since then they have had lot of different adverts especially the last few years, making sure they are kept in the mind
of many of the youth as well as trying to gain new customers. Check this ad out its sick! MAKE SURE YOU WATCH IT IN 720P (BEST QUALITY)!!



November 13, 2010

Katy Perry is a brilliant artist a lovely public figure did i mention smoking hot!!!!! well check her at Selfridges in London for the launch of her new perfume in a kitty shaped bottle named Purr.

Also check her amazing video out ‘firework’


Lil Man to watch out for…oh and your girl lol

September 7, 2010

Seen this kid about for a lickle while now doing his thing, gave me the most jokes had to share! He’s so bold
and quick witted, he’s about to be a problem just watch lol. Check it out.

Naa you gotta see part 2 lol


London’s streets now dance in 3D

April 23, 2010

The first ever wide release 3D movie that is based in London is about to hit our screens.

StreetDance 3D is a ‘Step Up To The Streets’ type film that is set in the borough’s of London City.

Here’s a short behind the scenes view of the production on their first day of the big 3D shoot:

See the official trailer to the movie (converted to 2D for Youtube):