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Pounded Yam anyone ? :-)

December 28, 2010

Eddie Kadi you can’t not laugh when he is around believe me check out his remix of Lethal B’s 2011.
loooool funny maayn!!


Comedy Roast UK…. So funny!!

December 23, 2010

If you dont know what Comedy roast is then take a look.


Comedians about…

October 29, 2010

Sup guy’s/girls not sure if you unnoticed but lately a spur of comedians are on the rise some ok some extremely funny. My favorite at the moment Jason lewis and these guys KG & Marston. These guys are tearing it down boldy going where there own ideas take them without a second thought. Check out KG & Marston latest sketch a comedy music video, please please please check out there previous work also and Jason Lewis! there’s more to come from them soon.


Those were the days!

October 23, 2010

Saluting some of the funniest comedy my young life has seen, In light of black history month, Def Jam Comedy was a must see so for anyone, so thank you Russel Simmons…please bring it back ;p here’s some of my fave’s so kick back for a wee minute & enjoy


HD Beats ya’all get with it!

October 2, 2010

Sup ladies/gents by now you must of heard about dr.dre’s new product the dre headphones bringing you music in High Definition sounds the way its supposed to be! Check out one of many installments of commercials coming from this product, with your man Dre, basketball superstar Lebron James and the popular comedian Affion Crockett.

Shot using Dslr camera’s the production value is just serious i tell you! check out the behind the scenes and then the full commercial! SOUND IS ENERGY YEZZZIRRRRRRR!!!!!!


Oh my Diddy…

September 5, 2010

You guys seen Diddy’d new advert for the Ciroc Drink he’s been promoting. Looking very slick, seem like they went all out, Directed by Dave Meyers one of my top favorite directors, with his trademark jokingly random twists, be sure to check out the behind the scenes and the finished version.


The Cleveland Show crew

April 23, 2010

‘The Cleveland show’ is the hilarious spin off from the outrageous cartoon ‘Family Guy’.

In this show it’s the black family culture that gets the profile, still with the same type of humorous and ridiculous, yet freakishly reasonable observations that featured of a white family’s tale in the ‘Family Guy’ strand.

See here how the Cleveland Show gets made, and the amount of production effort pulled together to bring the crazy black family to our screens:

Just in case you haven’t yet seen it, see ‘The Cleveland Show’ preview here: