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The Cleveland Show crew

April 23, 2010

‘The Cleveland show’ is the hilarious spin off from the outrageous cartoon ‘Family Guy’.

In this show it’s the black family culture that gets the profile, still with the same type of humorous and ridiculous, yet freakishly reasonable observations that featured of a white family’s tale in the ‘Family Guy’ strand.

See here how the Cleveland Show gets made, and the amount of production effort pulled together to bring the crazy black family to our screens:

Just in case you haven’t yet seen it, see ‘The Cleveland Show’ preview here:


London’s streets now dance in 3D

April 23, 2010

The first ever wide release 3D movie that is based in London is about to hit our screens.

StreetDance 3D is a ‘Step Up To The Streets’ type film that is set in the borough’s of London City.

Here’s a short behind the scenes view of the production on their first day of the big 3D shoot:

See the official trailer to the movie (converted to 2D for Youtube):


The Game – Behind The Scenes

April 23, 2010

Check out The Games new video for the track Shake on his new album coming “The Red Album’
Looks sick all shot on a Photography stills camera. Check the levels


Twissman & Tayong

April 23, 2010

Big up to our boi Twissman doing his thing. Video looks very cool and impressive, lets keep pushing forward UK Hip Hop is moving nicely!


Wiley takes us back

April 12, 2010

Wiley’s promo: ‘Never be Your Woman’ shows us how he grew up, and uses cool transitions to go from toddler to teen, adulthood to all star.

See how video was produced and directed by Bugsy below:

Finish product promo: