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February 4, 2011

We are so immature when it comes to this subject!!!
But we really think it should be addressed, as it is something a lot of people have questions about but never get a straight answer!!!! (giggle)
No im not going to actually tell you what “doing a chocolate button is, as my mother might be reading this, but hopefully you will guess by the time you read on.
And those who know can share it with those who want to know lol.

This must be the story we heard when we where younger teens , you know the story of one of those things to do before you put the peanut in the peanut hole!!!! lol 😛
Most of our older friends says foreplay is the best bit and its more of a turn on than the actual main love making!!!
So one of the questions that comes up when us girls talk about love making is the term chocolate button, what is it? and if it should be used or it should stay off limits……

One of our male friends told us a story about their experience with it, so here is the story…..
So they heard about the chocolate button being used with their friends girlfriends and thought WOW is that how your going on!!!!
So they listened about the details and how it was done, and then took that information and tried it with their girlfriend. Amazingly she screamed (lol out of surprise) but loved it and before you know it she told all her friends!!!

I am still shocked about the story as i had never met anyone who had experienced the chocolate button and the information and the whole idea, but hearing the reviews on the chocolate button it all seems to be great for the one who is getting it done on them!!!!! But what about the one whos giving it?? This is where i get like “bwoy i dunno’, if i could but (;p) then again you never know.

We still think the chocolate button is for the grown and experienced over 27’s and who are willing to experiment in the bedroom department.
So if your thinking of doing it, a great idea is to be clean when doing anything, so make sure that you and your partner shower and remember chocolates are made for sharing lol


9 Moves Men Make that Women Love

February 4, 2011

Oh yes these are moves that a man can do for a girl that are not only based on bedroom movements but also “out of the bed. So, if any guys read this post, you will learn a thing or two to what us ladies love about what you do. So here we go….

1. Grabbing From Behind
I do not know about you, but I love it when a boyfriend grabs me from behind and puts his hands on my waist for a cuddle. It seems to be a very romantic gesture – in my book.

2. Flowers and chocolates
Call me old fashion but seeing a guy walk into your room with a suprise bunch of flowers just makes you say awwwww. Its the small things that really gets to a girls heart sometimes.

3. Blindfold games
It is really something when you are blindfolded and laying there, anticipating when and where your man is going to touch you. They make things specially for this, especially when they are slow soft touches with a lot of tender love and care.

4. Going for a walk
As simple as this sounds its very romantic. A guys asking you to come with him for a walk but without actually going anywhere means that you spend some good quality time together, your pace of walking will generally slow to a nice pace where you can chat, crack jokes or hold hands. Summer day are great for this.

5. Butterfly Kisses on the Chest
Men are sweet when they give butterfly kisses, so lets take those butterfly kisses to a hole new level. Let’s give butterfly kisses on the chest. Many women enjoy men giving butterfly kisses on the chest. What about you? Is this a turn on?

6. Respect
I know, I am jumping out of the bed on this one In my opinion, one of the biggest sexy moves a guy could make would be to give respect. No Matter how rough and rugged he may come and he may not have the soothest ways of showing his love but i have always loved it when guys are respectful, he greets and leaves you with a kiss, he listens to your needs, he helps you along with your dreams, that is one of the reasons out of a thousand that I am attracted to guys.

7. Communication
A man who loves communicating with his girl has made a good move. Women are vocal creatures – did you know that? We can be insecure as well. Yes, we wish that we weren’t insecure, but sometimes, we can’t help it. A sexy move for a guy would be to help their girl with that insecurity without giving a big fuss over it.

8. Humor
Humor and guys are a incredible sexy mix. If the guy makes you laugh, then that makes him even more sexy, right? Humor is definitely a good move to make.

9. I Love You
Would you like to make a good move tonight? If you are in love with her, then let her know your feelings.Ok not all the time bu ‘I love you’ is a very sexy phrase that girls love hearing – even if they already know it.



February 3, 2011

Its hard when your a young lady and your hormones go up and down, we know as its happened to us before!!!!
Then you go on a date with a guy for the first time, you have a million and one questions during the date, about what will happen later on and what should you do if you got heated in the moment, ‘Should you give it up, or hold back and let him wait until you know him a bit better’.

So let me explain a bit more about men in general to help you come up with your own decision on what to do….
Men are highly sexual beings and will be jumping on everything that moves, until they can control the feeling and start to have standards. Especially very good looking and funny men!!!!!!
We have also been told very often by other guys, that usually a one night stand will always be a fling on the side, but very rare for the lady to become the main lady in their life, so this gives you an insight to how men respect women that give it up!!!!
The women that the men can’t get and are exclusive, and they can physically see other men casing her, then he will make an effort and commit to the woman and respect her because she isn’t with everyone!!!!
If he loses interest after a while of casing, then he was only after one thing, and you will be glad you didn’t give it up!!! It’s the worse feeling of wanting someone but they don’t want you, and you thought if you give it up, it may turn into something regular and you can eventually commit to each other!!!
We don’t want to burst your bubble but it not going to happen, if it does its extremely rare!!!!!

Today’s women that are having sex regularly with lots of different partners, this has become more acceptable in this day in time then ever before.
Truth be told, sex is a part of life and what we where designed for, most of us have or will have sex at some point in our lives, but women are not designed to lay down with various men at the same time, one because it may not be safe if your not using protection, two people talk and you may get a name and lose your self dignity as a lady, three you may lose your soul during this time period.
This is because women are made to love and serve a man, if you fall for one guy and you don’t receive the love back it will hurt and you will continue seeing all these other men but are not shown the love and respect you deserve, this will effect your relationship in the long term!!!!

The reality is this; you don’t have to be in a rush to have sex especially on the first date. It’s ok to practice and wait a while and don’t feel pressured to do it.
What we find is that we make too many compromises in relationships. Some of us venture into situations where we feel like we have to have sex in order to be loved. Or some of us think that if we don’t have sex right away, then maybe the man of our dreams will move on to the next girl. If he is not willing to wait and progress the relationship on your terms, then let him go! He wasn’t the one for you in the first place.
It’s important that you always recognize your self-worth. It’s important to remember that you are worth the wait.
We really hope we have helped you to decide on what to do when you get into a situation and you have to ask your self, ‘ Do i give it up???’ and you remember reading this.

Try not to fall for the sweet talk, actions speak louder than words!!!!
Know your self worth!!
If he pressures you to do things you don’t want to do get out of the situation asap!!!
Question your self about his motives!!!



February 2, 2011

Photographer omari mckenzie, model Georgina Leahy

You all must be wondering what does supple mean…..
Well it the ability to achieve a full range of movements “to turn, stretch, twist and bend” without any stiffness. In simple terms it means flexibility lol!!!!
So you already know what im going to talk about next 😛
If your supple it raises your attractive sexuality to 200/10 lol!!!!
Men love a women who can bend twist and lift her leg any where so here is some important information that you should read before you start doing any type of stretching!!!! 😉

Suppleness or flexibility is an important part of your everyday life. Being supple means that you can reach up to take an item down from a bookshelf, or bend down to tie your shoe laces, without feeling that your movements are restricted in any way. It gets better when you reach the bedroom with your partner!!!!!
Its important when your young to spend a bit of time enhancing and maintaining your suppleness, so when you get a bit older your not to stiff!!!!
Anyone can start a daily routine of simple stretches to restore or increase that flexibility to your muscles as well as joints. Your never too old to reverse the reduced level of suppleness !!!!

So this is how you do it!!!!! Suppleness is achieved by regular stretching of the muscles, but its really important to warm up be for any stretching happens!!!! This is because the muscles will be cold so a light 5 min jog, should do the job. So when your stretching you will feel a slight degree of tension in the muscle. If you try to attempt to stretch too far this may cause physical discomfort or even pain and can further result in an injury. So, in order to maintain your suppleness, stretches need to be held for at least ten seconds which gives connective tissues enough time to lengthen Also try to hold the stretch still, because if your bouncing your not giving your muscles enough time to lengthen and you might injure yourself.

Stretches should always be done slowly. Once you get familiar with the positions, you can develop your flexibility by relaxing in them for progressively longer periods. You will soon realize that as your muscles relax, they can be stretched further. However if you are not doing this sort of activity regularly, you will soon find your joints all stiffening up and your range of movements becoming much more limited. So don’t take exercise for granted. Always consult a physical instructor before you start something new.


Classes you can join to help your suppleness this is for real intense stretching and quicker results:
Yoga, Palates

For more fun and relax: Pole dancing, street dance.

By having a healthy living! You will have a Healthy Body Healthy Mind and Soul!!!!! 😛
Also amazing sex life!!!!!!



February 2, 2011

When it comes to sex and dating, much has been written about the simplicity of men and complexity of women. So when it comes to flirting, logic may (incorrectly) tell you men love nothing more then a no-nonsense shoulder tap and head nod to the nearest hotel. Why flirt when you can just get down to business? In reality, men take flirting just as seriously as us gals and love the subtle dance as much as the ladies do. Its the way we tilt our head to the side as we stare at him and let our hair fall to one side as we tug on our garment to reveal our collar bone that guys like and thats just for starters.

Just say hi. If you don’t consider yourself a learned scholar in the school of flirting, no worries. One universal among all men surveyed was how much they love it when a woman takes control and makes the first move. “Just come over and say hi,” says Adam. “I really don’t need a lot. Smiling works wonders… I don’t see how you can go wrong with that tactic, just as long as you open with something friendly and funny.”

Be playful, entertaining. You want to keep things upbeat.” In other words, no need to impress the tall, dark handsome guy in the corner with your impressive knowledge of Nietzsche (save it for the first date); instead gently poke fun and laugh. Don’t act like a ditz, but tease. Men bond with each other this way, so trust us, his feelings won’t get hurt.

Listen when they talk. After you’ve said hello and shared a laugh, engage him in a conversation and listen to what he says. The Biggest Flits are the one that sit forward and just stare into you eyes with pouting lips.A good rule is to ask as many questions as you answer. You won’t earn points intellectually running someone down, trumping your own IQ at the expense of someone else’s for instance doesnt work. But it wouldn’t hurt to offer some open-minded insight. “I love it when a woman has something interesting to say” is what boys think.

Ask about their workout regime. After you’ve poked fun at his girly drink and listened to his take on the Mix tape, give him the eye and ask, “What’s your workout regime? You look great.” While most men don’t spend hours in front of the mirror beating themselves up because they don’t look like Tyson Beckford , when it comes to his body, flattery will get you everywhere.

Touch them. If you haven’t already, lightly touch his arm, leg or the small of his back. But don’t (we repeat don’t) be too forceful. “I can’t stand it when a girl is too aggressive physically,” says Brian. “Too much has been made of all guys being horn dogs, so girls get the impression the sluttier they act the better. So not true.” In the same vain as smile or hello form afar, a little light pawing is all you need to let him know you’re interested, ladies.

Well i hope this helps with your flirting techniques!!!!!! so what are you waiting for go flirt!!!



January 31, 2011

When being with someone for a long period of time, you will be amazed on how boring love making gets when your doing the same things!!!!
So one of the great ideas of jazzing your love life up, is to get creative with your outfits!!!
The little tiny details make a difference….
So what we’ve done, is that we picked out a few of many ideas that you can simple get from your local shopping center or it might already be in your wardrobe!!!

If your finding difficulty to get PVC/shiny black material then just plan black would do for the dominatrix look and red lip stick!!!!!

Stocking and heels you just can’t go wrong!!!

Tiny clothing is cute and sexy!!!

Get your Brazilian music and im sure you will get carnival going on in no time!!!

Create something unique and fun with some material or string, you would be surprised on how hot it looks on!!! 😛

Hot school girl can never get to old!!! 😛

Hot net all in one suite you can get it from la senza or near any sourcy lingerie shop.

Last but not least brand new underwear your boyfriend hasn’t seen!!!

well thats it for the sexy bedroom wear, hope it spices your love life up!!! 😛



January 20, 2011

Its hard growing up as a girl as things are always changing and no explains anything, unless you’ve got really cool parents or siblings. 🙂
Well when you get to puberty at school and all your friends are talking about their first kiss, you cant help but say eeeeewwww thats so nasty i would never do that with a boy!!! But in the back of your mind can’t help but think humm i wonder what it’s like??? Well its the same thing when your same friends are talking about sex!!!!!

Sex is a really touchy issue as its very TABOO subject to talk about!!!
My parents still think im a virgin!!!! 😮
All my mum said to me was that boys will want to touch you, but say NO. LOL
I was lucky growing up i didn’t feel peer pressure to do anything thing with boys. You will know when the time is right for you, just give yourself time to get to know that someone before you do anything you might regret!!!!

Now to the good stuff!!!!! lol
When you finally lose your virginity, it will be the worst experience of your life!!! Just like the first time you have the time of the month!!!! x_x
But it does get better after that experience. I would always recommend safety first and always use protection as things will be popping out in 9 months time!!!!!! x_x
As time goes by you may have friends where you can talk about your experience and how it all went down and what you did, i didn’t, so i guess my progress in experience is slow…. but i don’t think there is a time limit to when you have to have sex, I know a few girls that are still in there mid 20’s and are still waiting for the one!!!

When you get older you will meet and have groups of friends that you hang out, work, chat with….
So as i was maturing all my girl friend would talk about sex!!!
i couldn’t believe my ears!!! lol
I was so embarrassed about every conversation that came up about sex, in away i wanted to listen and learn but the other part of me wanted to run for the hills. So i tried to avoid every conversation!!!!
There only so much you can run from, especially when becoming a young lady with grown up friends. Some girls are worried of what other girls may think about them and what they do in the sheets, but im very lucky to have open minded friends!!!
Now that im a bit more comfortably talking about sex, i can ask questions, and learn more from my friends and their experiences!!! I still say eeeeewww to a lot of things like……
Licking the behind and other x-rated activity!!!! LOL
So it all natural feeling this way and thinking about sex, the most important thing is that when you have sex, its because you want to show the person you love them and also to always use protection!!!!