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Brand New Online Magazine

January 13, 2010

We  here at MO-AM are ‘ Gone on Dis One!!! Since the explosion of the internet,  magazines have struggled to compete in the  world of  hard copy and many have ceased to exists and opted to go online.

But in the last 2 years there has been an influx of new brands starting online  and Inbox Magazine is one of the new vibrant informative publications that have arrived on the world wide web.

what is so different about this magazine  compared to the many others, pray you ask. well here in the UK we are pretty new  to being young rich and enterprising and Inbox magaine is just that  informing us all on entrepreneurship but with the added extras on sport, fashion, music, movies and many more in the entertainment arts. But dont take our word for it log and and find out the latest  with this new full colour monthly magazine.



January 10, 2010

Here at MO-AM are CEO BJ aka Overlord X as well as being a professional photographer and director also is a professional and renowned beat maker from time! He worked with many artists that graced the screens years back and some who are around today. Overlord X is a monster when it comes to beats and can do so for any occasion from music to film scores! Always looking to move forward with his entertainment arts check out the deals going on in the US with top produces such as Dr.Dre

Yup you guessed it!!! this is the next level with the deals we be looking into, watch this space!


Music to my ears…

January 8, 2010

Here at MO-AM we big music fans and lets face it who isn’t in this day and age huh???!!! Wow check out Dipsets producer AraabMuzik been peeking this guy for a while looks like his time to shine is coming you guys check out dis SICCCK GUY! He must have the fastest fingers around man!!



Movies on your Photography camera

September 9, 2009

With Technology going ape shit out there its no suprise that digital photography cameras are now good enough to shoot videos and even movies with. Check out the special rigs below adapted by Redrock micro to shoot movies for DSLR cameras. Not only is this a cheaper option to alot of  video cameras, can you shoot good quality footage thats puts some semi pro video cameras to shame and you can also shoot in 10801 HD. Plus you get that all important depth of field found in many Tv and hollywood films . Check out the video footage below shot on  DSLR cameras. Once poeple realise the potential to make videos and movies with their stills cameras you’ll see people rushing  to see what theres can do. But remember the really good ones are the higher end  DSLR cameras but many are still a much cheaper option to standard semi -pr0 video cameras .dsr

dsr 2


Gotta grind hard

May 22, 2009

The UK – US linkup doesn’t stop at UK chart smasher Alexandra; unsigned talent Fresh As Tommi are almost finished working on their US Gallic Wars mix-tape, titled ‘The Long Weekend’.

As the European face of ‘Apple Bottom’: the clothing label of superstar hip hop artist Nelly, the girls were excited but couldn’t get phased by Nelly’s admiration; they’ve been focused, working consistently in the studio between their media promotions, TV presenting, and product marketing to keep their innovative and independent reputation. They have a new roster of tracks that continue to speak for a lot of the ladies, and surprise a lot of the men.

European 1st Ladies of Nelly's Apple Bottom fashion

European 1st Ladies of Nelly's 'Apple Bottom' fashion