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January 17, 2011

I love Kim Kardashian’s hair here!!!
It looks so full and perfect!!! watch the video below to find out how you can get fuller hair!!!



January 11, 2011

As we know women can go to one extreme to the next!!!!
Like our hair!!!!
Here are some of the HOTTEST ladies who change their hair from black to blonde hair, what do you prefer??


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West???

January 7, 2011

Hey guys Kim and Kourtney Kardashian take New York on for their next season!!!
But thats not the only thing Kim will be taking on…


More Entertainment!!!!

December 31, 2010

Wow if your a fan of the Kardashian’s then you will be happy to know that Kourtney and Kim have a new series of them in the Big Apple!!!!
New York City and it’s about the girls opening another DASH shop, this will be interesting!!!

The one thing i love about the girls are their perfect curled hair, have a look at the video below to see how you can get them to!!!


Kim Kardashian always looks the part so can you!!!!!

December 30, 2010

Kim Looks amazingly flawless in the behind the scenes for her Radar Magazine shoot!!!!

Check out the video below to get her classic smokey eye look!!!


Kardashian’s official photographer

December 17, 2010

Learn how to photo shop like Nick Saglimbeni….

Nick Saglimbeni moved to Los Angeles to pursue cinematography at the top-ranked USC School of Cinema. After shooting several commercials, music videos, and short films, Nick was recognized by the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) with a Heritage Award. That same year, after hearing from many actors and models about their frustrations with bad photos and even more awkward photo sessions, Nick opened SlickforceStudio in downtown LA.
Clients quickly responded to the cinematic nature of Nick’s photography, and Slickforce soon became one of the hottest studios in Los Angeles. Nick has shot a staggering 100+ magazine covers in under 5 years, and he continues to shake up the photography world with a cinematic spin. In 2009, Nick won the Blackberry Small Business Award for his work with SlickforceStudio. The National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) has awarded Nick with a staggering three Grand Prize Awards.Nick currently shoots for a wide array of venues, including album covers, national and international ad campaigns, and many major magazines. His work has been featured on Larry King Live, E! News, Keeping Up with Kardashians, Inside Edition, and in publications such as Ocean Drive, LA Confidential, Maxim, and the New York Times.


Kim Kardashian take over

December 4, 2010

There is no stopping this lady from tv, shoes, swimwear, jewllery, trainers, clothes and credit cards now binged out watches!!!!!
What is next????