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Barbie time

October 11, 2010

With Nicki Minaj making Barbie style desirable, check out this fashion shoot inspired by the plastic hottie



October 11, 2010

Made of brass and enamel, this collection of petit donut necklaces by Calourette are sure to have foodies and fashionistas & police ( lol) clamoring for more, they are sooo cute & look extra scrummy ;p


HD Beats ya’all get with it!

October 2, 2010

Sup ladies/gents by now you must of heard about dr.dre’s new product the dre headphones bringing you music in High Definition sounds the way its supposed to be! Check out one of many installments of commercials coming from this product, with your man Dre, basketball superstar Lebron James and the popular comedian Affion Crockett.

Shot using Dslr camera’s the production value is just serious i tell you! check out the behind the scenes and then the full commercial! SOUND IS ENERGY YEZZZIRRRRRRR!!!!!!


Its Barbie!!!!!!!!!

September 16, 2010

I dont know if this is taking barbie to a whole new level!!!!!!!

but i like it!!!!!!

Overlord X you know what im going to ask you next time I see you!!!!!!
(FYI overlord x is the baddest photographers around, watch out for his latest work in the new issue of inbox magazine )

(PG) celebrity photography by Mike Ruiz


Behind the scenes with Joel grimes photographer

February 7, 2010

check out a behind the scenes snippet of Joel Grimes photography work and a a bit of retouching to
keep you intrigued and inspired.

Well he couldn’t show you everything now, that would be tellin… go feed your brain and learn some issh people.


Celebrity >> Drake behind the scenes Photoshoot!

January 26, 2010

Yo sup people check out the behind the scenes of Drakes photoshoot.


Next Attitude Next Level

January 7, 2010

Hey whats happening people? You know MO-AM’s CEO BJ aka Overlord X has been causing quite a storm at the moment with his amazing, beautiful yet unique style of  his creative photography in the underground and commercially.The last half of 2009 his presence was made known in a major way, now in 2010 it sets to get bigger and better.

Check out US’s King Magazine trailer shoot and watch the levels that we at MO-AM are pushing for with the UK models, this is the attitude, direction and professionalism we need!!!

Time to get serious ya’all