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3D commercial…..

December 7, 2010

Love this advert by Sony 3D TV!!!!
Justin looks cute too……

Also check out one of Sony’s 3D TV Commercial featuring KAKA!!!!
But for this one you will need 3D glasses!!!!!!!!!!!!

want to find out how they did it….


U.S to the UK…..

December 3, 2010

Hey guys check out the sexy Victoria Secrets holiday commercial!!!!!!!
also we have the behind the scenes of the sexy ladies.
La Senza also have also released a commercial for their underwear brand and we can see the massive difference between the two, who has the more exciting and fun commercial and who are just plain dull!!!!!!!


What would you do?

November 19, 2010

Since the basketball sensation Lebron James has moved too the Miami Heats team from his original team Cleveland Cavaliers he has had a lot of stick from his fans and people in the industry. Things from death threats too stalking he’s had to have armed security whilst training sometimes yup MAD! Asked in interviews he often said he has to make his own decisions not for the people. I think this advert explains best on his feelings. Teaming up with nike check it out.



February 11, 2010

Hey guys check out the behind the scenes with charismatic N-Dubz looking cool!!



February 7, 2010

Check out the new Jordan Brand trainers with Dwayne wade’s (of Miami Heat basketball team) on the US commercial Nightmares never sleeps behind the scenes.
Serious graphics i’m feeling it!

Makes me either want to make or be in a commercial myself!