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10 ways to attract a man!!!!

January 2, 2011

Hey Ladies its a new year so if you want to grab a man here a few tips on how to attract that new man!!!!

1.There is probably nothing that attracts a guy towards a girl more than her genuine self. Therefore, girls need to learn how to be confident of their looks and overall self-image.
Most importantly, girls must never try to pretend to be someone else just to try and impress a guy. After all, most guys can see through a girl if she’s being genuine or not. And guys dislike girls who try to wear another image since it reflects their low self-esteem and insecurity. Read the rest of this entry ?


Loud & clear

December 27, 2010

Just checking out my pitiful headphones & thinking hmmm i need some new ones, how cute are these by Coloud, you can purchase here


Louis for Christmas!!!!

December 27, 2010

Hope everyone had an amazing christmas!!!!!
I wonder if any got any Louis Vuitton for christmas if you did your very lucky!!!!


Star Quality…

December 19, 2010

Star Quality Raquel Reed this lady is a one to look out for!!!

Raquel Reed from Southern California, moved to New York at 17, quickly becoming one of the leading alternative-scene models in the industry. Standing at 5-foot-six with light-blue hair, big-brown eyes with thick-blinking lashes, and a sassy sense of humor, Reed is best known for images that shockingly incorporate sex with comedy and childhood fantasy.
Although Reed is well connected within the industry through various lasting relationships, she maintains creative control in her work and has always steered her career with independence, serving as her own manager.

Check out her Video ‘I’ll show you’ ft red man!!!!


Mag +

December 16, 2010

Magazine to a whole new level!!!!!
check out Mag +, it might be replacing your stack of magazines….
i think its quite cool, and it would save many trees, but i like to flick through magazines
so it might not have the same effect…
what do you think of it???


Lets get creative with GIANT MAG!!!

December 16, 2010

This is how a fashion shoot is run….
so if you want to become a model, make-up artist or just want to get plain creative take a look…

Warning the video does contain nudity but strictly for creative purposes


Euro talent

September 29, 2010

Twin brothers Bill and Tom Kaulitz of the band Tokio Hotel grace the cover of the October 2010 issue of Vogue L’Uomo.
The guys look really cool but they kind of look like girls…… lol

The 21-year-old superstars are moving from Germany to Los Angeles to be closer to their manager and producer David Jost, so that they can write songs more efficiently, according to a German magazine.
Below is a backstage video of the photo shoot, which took place at the Palazzo Biscuri, a splendid 18th Century palazzo in Sicily, Italy.