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U.S to the UK…..

December 3, 2010

Hey guys check out the sexy Victoria Secrets holiday commercial!!!!!!!
also we have the behind the scenes of the sexy ladies.
La Senza also have also released a commercial for their underwear brand and we can see the massive difference between the two, who has the more exciting and fun commercial and who are just plain dull!!!!!!!


Katy Sexy

November 20, 2010

I love Katy Perry’s style with those sexy tight dresses made by the House of Harlot!!!!!!!

get your now at



November 6, 2010

came across Jim carrey’s website, its crazy interactive, loads to keep u occupied


Toy Box Jewelry

November 3, 2010

Check out this new line of Toy Box Jewelry cant wait to see more…..


Glove Lovers!!!!!!!

November 2, 2010

check out these fashionable gloves to keep you warm this winter!!!!


Cool Mac stickers

October 29, 2010

luv these,


Alarm Pillow Concept

October 28, 2010

Everyone knows i like to be horizontal, so why rely on mobile phone alarms and clocks when your pillow can do all the work at gettin ur sleep ass up lol? While just a concept, the Alarm Pillow will gently vibrates at the given hour, to wake you up with a buzz, or just leave you thinking you’re having a really good dream. Simply set the label-trigger to the desired hour and lay your head to rest. Best of all, if you don’t get out of the bed, the weight of your noggin acts as the snooze trigger. Nice one