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Teairra Mari – Body (Official Video)

February 5, 2011

If your not quite sure who this sassy singer is let us enlighten you.The so-called “Princess of the Roc” released her debut RNB album into instant success: It hit No. 5 on the Billboard charts in the US, thanks largely to the outstanding single “Make Her Feel Good.” Critics have dubbed this song to be so full of “booty-shaking R&B grooves that you can simply imagine what the video will look like before you see it.” Her new single body looks set to do the same with this hot work out muic video.



February 4, 2011

They are big stars in the industry and they have had nemerous hit records… and now the lovely Alexandra Burke and hot boys JLS are muscling in on the world of underwear.

If you didnt know, the stars catapulted to fame on X Factor in 2008 and since then have gone mega so its no suprise that they have launched their new fashion range, 2KX to capitilze on their success.

Their spring summer 2011 collection, on sale in USC stores next month, boasts clothing for men and women. As you can see, it’s an impressive body of work….

Buy Cheap tickets for the upcoming X Factor Live 2011 Tour , prices start at £27 and are available now..



February 4, 2011

We love girls of color, and especially the ones who like rocking the new fashion trends!!!!
Have you ever felt like making our own style, but wasn’t to sure of what people would say about you? ,
Do you listen to music that’s hasn’t hit main stream and it wont get to heard in months, and you also listen to hip hop or alternative music but you don’t really look the part?

Well girl this blog is all about you and we got a few tips for you and how you can express your self with your clothing, make-up and over all style!!!!!
Just to let you know there are no rules!!!!!!!!!!!!
Being you is being the future!!!!!!

There is so much things you can do with your hair, you can dye it all sorts of colours and there are so many ways of styling your hair!!!!!
Here are one of many ways to style your hair, quick and easy!!!! 😛
We know a lot of girls with great amazing hair but just don’t know how to manage it!!!
We really do recommend for you to look for a texturizer or a perm to tame your hair, it will be better for you in the long term as brushing tough knotty hair could really damage your hair, and could cause alopecia and no one wants that !!!! lol
Plus with all these perms that you buy the really good products will come with a great conditioning treatments to restore the moisture in your hair!!!
if you can’t afford to go to the hair dressers, there are tone of Afro Caribbean hair shops all over especially London and you can also go on the net, and order the best recommended product that can help you!!! Click here for one of our favorite hair shops online!!

Here is a quick cute hair style for long or short hair that can be done in 2 seconds!!!!
Brush or comb your hair to one side, making sure the side you brush from your face is your best angle, and simply use a clip, pin, grip any hair accessory that can hold your hair in place!!!!
Dont for get to put your own personal touch on it!!!
Like a Bow clip or ribbon or even a hat on the side to add some personal flavour to your hair style!!!

Another cute scene style that is the ‘ Just woke up look’ It all about not having the perfect up do!!!!
So that means you hair tied to the side and random chunks of hair fall down where your sideburns should be.

Full fringe known as a bang is quite popular and would look great with ‘i just woke up look’ so what you can do is the same thing but instead of moving your hair to the side or backwards, just brush it down your face and find a length that you like and snip snip. We would advise to go to a hairdresser to get that done as it is in front of your face and if it goes wrong, im sure there will be tears!!!! So if your going to do it your self make sure your hair is dry when you cut it, or your bang may end up really short and also its a good idea to cut it longer than cut it too short!

Simple is great for everyday look so some eyeliner black or brown, this will bring out your eyes what ever colour it is, mascara (optional), and some foundation (if you’ve got some blemishes or spots).
For more days you want to make an effort and impress you can add r eye shadows of what ever colour you feel to wear (We love our pink and purple shimmering eye shadow from Barry M). Great false eyelashes and if your feeling adventurous even contacts!!! 😛

Skinny Jeans short shorts and leggings are a must!!!!
Also if you have any graphic tees or jumpers [tee shirts with words or pictures on them] wear them, they are super cool and especially when they have great positive sayings on them !!!!!

Some major scene characters to wear on your shirt are Hello Kitty, Barbie, Power Puff girls,Disney, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and basically any wacky looking things.
Also with these clothes to make it look unique you can get your glue gun and add anything on to them that you think is kool or even cut the clothes a bit to show a bit of flesh (we do like the sexy chick look)!!!!!!

It doesn’t matter if its branded or not, as long as it looks good we are good to go!!!!
But here are a few shoes and trainers we like, converse, vans, or flat pumps, nike dunks, army boots, knee high boots, ankle boots, really anything goes as long as it looks good with your outfit!!!!!!!!! 😛

Simply get your nails done from plain colour to 3D designs with your own personal touch on them!!!! 😛

We hope you’ve enjoyed this post and has helped you become your own TRENDY CHICK OF COLOUR!!!!!!




February 4, 2011

I love this guy!!!!!!!!!
Usher has the best slow jamz ever!!!!!!!!!!!!
His been on the music scene for nearly a decade and has always been on top of his game!!!
One of my favourite songs has to be ‘Trading Places!!!’ this song makes you want to ja-rate (grind/move your hips) like no one is watching!!!
Enjoy ladies!!!!



February 2, 2011

Amber is one of the words most sexist women and has come along way from the the days of being just a hip hop honey.
Most people dont know that Amber Rose was much more explicit in the early days of her career as a stripper.
But then she met and dated kanye West and everything all changed. Since then she has gone to feature in trendy magazine, red carpets and graced catwalks.
With all the curves in the right places she was a girl who wasnt scared to flaunt her thang as you can see in the video below from 2005.
But im glad she moved away eventually from the Oover-sexed look which can sometimes be a bit trashy.
Now shes a big star she has toned down her swagger, to a much more sophistcated look (much better) but still super hot sexy.



February 2, 2011

When i was younger i use to never be happy with myself, always trying to get a bigger ass, slimmer waist, better skin the list is endless. It didnt help when i kept seeing my TV or magazine heroes looking so beautiful that it made me feel depressed. But now im a little older i have become a lot happier with myself plus it helps knowing the secrets on how the celebs get to look like they do.(thats another story another blog)

People may aspire to be someone famous or and feel pressured to look a certain way and feel like they need to change their looks to be accepted!!!!
There is nothing wrong with wanting to be like your favorite celeb, but their comes a point where some people go too far and have so much plastic surgery nothing is real any more and they will lose themselves within the process!!!
So what we have done to remind you NO ONE IS PERFECT, is that we got together a few familiar faces with and without make up just to release the pressure and to conclude no one is perfect!!!!!











February 2, 2011

We’ve seen so many girls with the red hair but haven’t seen anyone rock it as well as Rihanna!!!!!
Since the whole red hair craze, Rihanna has tried so many different looks with the red hair, that we had to blog about it, and see which look do you prefer!!!
Also how to dye your hair bright red with out bleaching it!!!

So here is the video on how to dye your hair red with out using bleach, and we would love to see if your rocking the red better than Rihanna so add our page on FB (Moam Network)!!!!