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Pounded Yam anyone ? :-)

December 28, 2010

Eddie Kadi you can’t not laugh when he is around believe me check out his remix of Lethal B’s 2011.
loooool funny maayn!!


Freddies back!! No not that Freddie!

December 23, 2010

If you are familar with the world of visual effects you must of heard of Freddie a chinese guy who started to learn effects by himself! We posted another vid from him a bit earlier this month, but i saw this and had to put it up! If your a 1st person shoot em up kinda guy i.e. (call of duty: black ops) like me you can appreciate this video!! ITS SICK!!! GOWAN FREDDIE!!



Hans Zimmer

December 22, 2010

The Don of all cinematic film scores and movie orchestra Hanz Zimmer. This guy has provided movie soundtracks for Dark Knight, Sherlock Holmes, Inception just to name a few big blockbusters and even Video Games such as the World Wide Award winning Call of Duty! You can’t help but be captivated but his musical talent! For me you can’t do without music in a film standard. Truly a guy who is on top of his game! Check out Part 1 of his interview… the rest check youtube and go check out his soundtracks ESPECIALLY INCEPTION!!!


Snoop Dog got a story for ya’ll

December 21, 2010

Check out Snoops latest xmas story…


Learn from your OWN mistakes

December 17, 2010

Hey sometimes mistakes need to be made in order to register in your brain so you know for next time, you can’t always have people telling you the right way all the time as your independent mindset will kick in eventually…. just try your best to be smart. Check out Diana Laufenberg she knows…


Run Free?

December 16, 2010

Hey people!! check out this serious Video of UK skilled freerun talent. Whats freerunning? come on get with it!! freerunning is a form of urban acrobatics in which participants, known as free runners, use the city and rural landscape to perform movements through its structures.

Check me i’m one of the guys in a hood doing my thang… lol i wish!! I was there for part of the shoot though too SICK the guys a really cool, watch out they got more coming!!


Fast & Furious is back!!

December 16, 2010

Not sure about you but i loved this film cool cars, slick moves and hot ladies… Yup a lads film! check it out its back!! And with more action then you thought possible!!! coming early next year!!