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February 5, 2011

Some couples who have been in a long relationship forget those little things that keeps the fire burning. Nowadays a long relationship is 2 years when back in the day that was a fling period. But if the fire has gone out in your relationship and you’ve tried and tried to relight it but find yourself doing the sort of things that yells out its over, then its time to stop putting the both of you through more pain and end it. Finishing a relationship is one of the hardest things to do and sometimes done prematurely. But what are the signs that proves to you its over. Here we put 10 signs for you to look out for if you think you are falling out of Love.

1You’d rather jump into bed and read a good book then jump into bed with him.

Has it been ages since you shifted that stick in to gear? Can’t remember when he had you orgasmic beyond your wildest dreams? Oh my, if your sex life has got so uninteresting that you find more pleasure in reading your book (chapter five was gripping by the way) rather than sliding into something naughty and lure him into the bedroom then girl…this isn’t good news.

2Working late every night rather then go home on time.
Stacks of paper work covering your desk is more engaging then your man? Would you prefer to get into work early then take full advantage of your mans good morning splendour? You spending more time at work in the evening with Brandon, the caretaker, then at home. If the answers are coming up yes then you don’t need to review your relationship you need to nip it in the bud.

3No longer making much of an effort notes on ideas for birthday gifts.
When its comes to getting our boyfriends gifts we are the queens of going out of our way to find out the perfect present, bugging our friends, his friends and family too. But if the day draws close like a week and you haven’t got or thought of anything, then doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out you don’t care like you used too.

4He’s more umm then aaaahhh now

Your boyfriend is your fantasy, looking at him is just yummy. He looks after your needs and wants, he’s your cream to your coffee, your bubbles to your bath. At no circumstances should you question your mans sex appeal or how much your attracted to him and so if you are its going to take more then a new dress sense to sort your predicament out. If you find yourself looking across the room at him and quietly kissing your teeth then you know that fire is washed out.

5His calls and text don’t make you smile anymore
Can you recall when you would crazily check your phone to see if he had texted? The stimulation and enjoyment of his calls? Even up to now you should still feel a warming affectionate to him when seeing his name on your screen. Having your boyfriend call you on a really bad day at work should take a some weight of you shoulders and put you more at ease. If it doesn’t then its time for the talk.

6Constantly engaging in flirtatious situations with men
Out with the girls enjoying a good time out, feeling naughty and troublesome taking numbers from random guys, and even thinking of meeting up with them? Well its self explanatory your mind is not on him indoors your hunger is for something else. And we dont want to cheat on him do we? so its time to get out before it turns ill.

7No shaving?!
Wow a cactus hasn’t got anything on you hunny! If you know your not making a effort with keeping yourself in tip top condition, with no effort of shaving your legs and other parts then something is up. Looking good for your man is part of the fun, if you not with it you need to get out before you start looking like Agatha Mumkin.

8Future plans misty
As a female we all think about the dreamy big white wedding, walking down the aisle with your handsome man, but you’re not even thinking like that no more. Now you thinking to back into the day when you was single and the steamy encounters you may have had…better times its seems.

9Checking in on your ex
Ok we ladies some of us may like to check up on are ex’s to see how he is doing, what he’s doing and even what he looks like now. But getting in contact with him even through social networks such as facebook and somewhat stalking him is going too far! Would you really be doing this if you was happy ask yourself this question.

10 love you … cringe
You stare blankly at him when he says these words ‘I love you’ forcing a smile back with crocodile teeth you reply ‘me too’ there really isn’t a bigger sign than that. These words should bring a warm fuzzy feeling and automatically have you staring into his eyes, but if this isn’t the case its time to say ‘erm.. we need to talk’



February 5, 2011

When i wanted to lose weight i thought i could simply stop eating a burger or 2 ,a little exercise here and there and maybe a glass of water before i tuck into some Nandos and fries and then the pounds would fly off. (Doh!! so wrong!!)
But in today’s world where calories seem to be secretly hidden within so many foods and drinks we consume its time to get educated.
The problem is food companies are so bent on us buying their products they will bend the rules by putting healthy on the packet but increasing calories with salt ,fats and sugar so that there product taste good.
Losing weight is not a must for everyone, its more important to be at a healthy weight and looking after yourself!!!!!
Looking good it makes you feel good about your self and losing a bit of weight might bet healthy for your size. If you do have problems with your extreme weight loss or gain, we would advise to get one on one advise from a doctor!!!!
but here are a few tips on how to lose weight for that summer body!!!

Fact you can lose 62 calories by drinking ice cold water.
Water helps your kidneys to flush out the waste and metabolize fat more effectively, which mean to break down the fat. It’s best to drink water in between meals, try not to drink before as it will make you will feel full once you start eating.

The more you eat for breakfast, the less food you will want to eat at night. If you skip this meal you’ll end up devouring everything in sight for the rest of the day.
Recommended 3 meals of a sensible size and 2 delicious yet low calorie snacks, nowadays you can find out on the packaging.
Eat sensibly so your body doesn’t crave for food. If you treat your body right it won’t demand for more attention!
Also eat at regular times as your body digestive system works like clock work, if you don’t your body weight will go up and down and that’s not healthy for anyone!!!!

Exercise is crucial to weight loss. You can’t expect to sit on the couch all day, sip water and lose weight.
Join a good gym that lets you work with weights. It will help you build muscle and your metabolism rate will increase. Which helps you to break down your body fat!!!
You’ll soon see the fat come off and in its place muscle will develop.

Check your portions the next time you eat. Its better to eating just enough than to eat until its hard to stand up!!!
Its more healthy for you to eat smaller meals than to eat massive meals unless your trying to put on weight. If you have cooked to much, just save it for later until your next meal.
Good advise is to get rid of the huge plates you usually use. Substitute them with small ones, when food starts to fall off, you’ll know it’s enough.
Try to get these new plates in dark colors. Dark blue will be your best choice since it’s the #1 color that fights off the appetite. Avoid red, orange and yellow where you eat, as they are the colours that make your appetite go sky high! (Think McDonalds’ logo and you’ll do fine, they are not random colors that they so happen to use)

Food and drink products are all out to get you. They scream ‘Buy me! Buy me!’. It could be ‘fat free’ but it could still have a lot of calories. You need to analyze the nutrition label on the cover, TRY NOT to be tempted with the frozen food or junk food as they are no good for you!!!!!!!!

Document what you eat. This way you can keep track and evaluate your eating habits at the end of each week. It will help you to see the results and keep your appetite under control. This way it will encourage you to watch what you eat and what will happen if you fall off the healthy band wagon.

If you begin to dislike your diet then there’s something wrong. Find a diet that suits your body type and your lifestyle. Be consistent as that is the key to being successful!!!!




February 4, 2011

We are so immature when it comes to this subject!!!
But we really think it should be addressed, as it is something a lot of people have questions about but never get a straight answer!!!! (giggle)
No im not going to actually tell you what “doing a chocolate button is, as my mother might be reading this, but hopefully you will guess by the time you read on.
And those who know can share it with those who want to know lol.

This must be the story we heard when we where younger teens , you know the story of one of those things to do before you put the peanut in the peanut hole!!!! lol 😛
Most of our older friends says foreplay is the best bit and its more of a turn on than the actual main love making!!!
So one of the questions that comes up when us girls talk about love making is the term chocolate button, what is it? and if it should be used or it should stay off limits……

One of our male friends told us a story about their experience with it, so here is the story…..
So they heard about the chocolate button being used with their friends girlfriends and thought WOW is that how your going on!!!!
So they listened about the details and how it was done, and then took that information and tried it with their girlfriend. Amazingly she screamed (lol out of surprise) but loved it and before you know it she told all her friends!!!

I am still shocked about the story as i had never met anyone who had experienced the chocolate button and the information and the whole idea, but hearing the reviews on the chocolate button it all seems to be great for the one who is getting it done on them!!!!! But what about the one whos giving it?? This is where i get like “bwoy i dunno’, if i could but (;p) then again you never know.

We still think the chocolate button is for the grown and experienced over 27’s and who are willing to experiment in the bedroom department.
So if your thinking of doing it, a great idea is to be clean when doing anything, so make sure that you and your partner shower and remember chocolates are made for sharing lol



February 3, 2011

Its hard when your a young lady and your hormones go up and down, we know as its happened to us before!!!!
Then you go on a date with a guy for the first time, you have a million and one questions during the date, about what will happen later on and what should you do if you got heated in the moment, ‘Should you give it up, or hold back and let him wait until you know him a bit better’.

So let me explain a bit more about men in general to help you come up with your own decision on what to do….
Men are highly sexual beings and will be jumping on everything that moves, until they can control the feeling and start to have standards. Especially very good looking and funny men!!!!!!
We have also been told very often by other guys, that usually a one night stand will always be a fling on the side, but very rare for the lady to become the main lady in their life, so this gives you an insight to how men respect women that give it up!!!!
The women that the men can’t get and are exclusive, and they can physically see other men casing her, then he will make an effort and commit to the woman and respect her because she isn’t with everyone!!!!
If he loses interest after a while of casing, then he was only after one thing, and you will be glad you didn’t give it up!!! It’s the worse feeling of wanting someone but they don’t want you, and you thought if you give it up, it may turn into something regular and you can eventually commit to each other!!!
We don’t want to burst your bubble but it not going to happen, if it does its extremely rare!!!!!

Today’s women that are having sex regularly with lots of different partners, this has become more acceptable in this day in time then ever before.
Truth be told, sex is a part of life and what we where designed for, most of us have or will have sex at some point in our lives, but women are not designed to lay down with various men at the same time, one because it may not be safe if your not using protection, two people talk and you may get a name and lose your self dignity as a lady, three you may lose your soul during this time period.
This is because women are made to love and serve a man, if you fall for one guy and you don’t receive the love back it will hurt and you will continue seeing all these other men but are not shown the love and respect you deserve, this will effect your relationship in the long term!!!!

The reality is this; you don’t have to be in a rush to have sex especially on the first date. It’s ok to practice and wait a while and don’t feel pressured to do it.
What we find is that we make too many compromises in relationships. Some of us venture into situations where we feel like we have to have sex in order to be loved. Or some of us think that if we don’t have sex right away, then maybe the man of our dreams will move on to the next girl. If he is not willing to wait and progress the relationship on your terms, then let him go! He wasn’t the one for you in the first place.
It’s important that you always recognize your self-worth. It’s important to remember that you are worth the wait.
We really hope we have helped you to decide on what to do when you get into a situation and you have to ask your self, ‘ Do i give it up???’ and you remember reading this.

Try not to fall for the sweet talk, actions speak louder than words!!!!
Know your self worth!!
If he pressures you to do things you don’t want to do get out of the situation asap!!!
Question your self about his motives!!!



February 3, 2011

We hope we aren’t the only ones that are single on Valentine’s day!!!!!
Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to sting and make you feel depressed because you haven’t got that special person there, don’t worry the time will come and the one is waiting for you!!!! Its just a case of time……
So we came up with an idea to get over the lovey dovey stuff and treat this year as an opportunity to recreate V-Day into something you’ll not only enjoy, but will look forward to repeating next year!!!!!!
So here are a few ideas of what you can do!!! 😛

Grab your girlfriends and plan a girls day out, where you can do fun exciting actives like dinner, yoga, trip to the spa, movies and shopping. For the more adventurous a trip to Mexico or Vegas for some girls-only partying, pool-side lounging and Margarita-sipping.
Camping is another idea its fun and im sure you will have loads of nature stories to last a life time!!!!
Or you can just get on with your life and stay at home with much merry-making, movie-watching and re-organizing of closets, living rooms and kitchens.
Removing ourselves from our daily lives (and changing our surroundings) can do wonders for boosting our mood and our spirits!!!!!!

Just like getting physically out of the house and doing something different will helps us recover by releasing us from our memories of the past boyfriend or no boyfriend state of mind!!!
Volunteering can give you a feel good feeling when helping others. When we focus on others, especially when it’s a hands-on helping situation like helping out a old peoples home or charity, we lose track of our own worries for a while as we focus on theirs. This has the potential to be incredibly relaxing and a very welcome break at a tough time of year. Plus, we’re hopefully making someone else’s day better in the process. It always feels better to give than receiving so its a win-win situation!!!!!

It’s almost guaranteed that even some of your coupled-up friends will be happy to skip the traditional dinner/flowers thing and its forced expressions of love. And all your single friends? Who doesn’t love somewhere fun to go on a day when it seems like everyone else has plans. So a party is needed!!!! A great fun themed dress up is always great fun to do!!!! Lots of food and drink, who can refuse!!!!

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be National Single’s Awareness Day!!!!!
So make it fun, or just get on with your life, as well as that you will be saving a few pounds, lucky us!!!!!! lol



February 2, 2011

When i was younger i use to never be happy with myself, always trying to get a bigger ass, slimmer waist, better skin the list is endless. It didnt help when i kept seeing my TV or magazine heroes looking so beautiful that it made me feel depressed. But now im a little older i have become a lot happier with myself plus it helps knowing the secrets on how the celebs get to look like they do.(thats another story another blog)

People may aspire to be someone famous or and feel pressured to look a certain way and feel like they need to change their looks to be accepted!!!!
There is nothing wrong with wanting to be like your favorite celeb, but their comes a point where some people go too far and have so much plastic surgery nothing is real any more and they will lose themselves within the process!!!
So what we have done to remind you NO ONE IS PERFECT, is that we got together a few familiar faces with and without make up just to release the pressure and to conclude no one is perfect!!!!!











February 2, 2011

When it comes to sex and dating, much has been written about the simplicity of men and complexity of women. So when it comes to flirting, logic may (incorrectly) tell you men love nothing more then a no-nonsense shoulder tap and head nod to the nearest hotel. Why flirt when you can just get down to business? In reality, men take flirting just as seriously as us gals and love the subtle dance as much as the ladies do. Its the way we tilt our head to the side as we stare at him and let our hair fall to one side as we tug on our garment to reveal our collar bone that guys like and thats just for starters.

Just say hi. If you don’t consider yourself a learned scholar in the school of flirting, no worries. One universal among all men surveyed was how much they love it when a woman takes control and makes the first move. “Just come over and say hi,” says Adam. “I really don’t need a lot. Smiling works wonders… I don’t see how you can go wrong with that tactic, just as long as you open with something friendly and funny.”

Be playful, entertaining. You want to keep things upbeat.” In other words, no need to impress the tall, dark handsome guy in the corner with your impressive knowledge of Nietzsche (save it for the first date); instead gently poke fun and laugh. Don’t act like a ditz, but tease. Men bond with each other this way, so trust us, his feelings won’t get hurt.

Listen when they talk. After you’ve said hello and shared a laugh, engage him in a conversation and listen to what he says. The Biggest Flits are the one that sit forward and just stare into you eyes with pouting lips.A good rule is to ask as many questions as you answer. You won’t earn points intellectually running someone down, trumping your own IQ at the expense of someone else’s for instance doesnt work. But it wouldn’t hurt to offer some open-minded insight. “I love it when a woman has something interesting to say” is what boys think.

Ask about their workout regime. After you’ve poked fun at his girly drink and listened to his take on the Mix tape, give him the eye and ask, “What’s your workout regime? You look great.” While most men don’t spend hours in front of the mirror beating themselves up because they don’t look like Tyson Beckford , when it comes to his body, flattery will get you everywhere.

Touch them. If you haven’t already, lightly touch his arm, leg or the small of his back. But don’t (we repeat don’t) be too forceful. “I can’t stand it when a girl is too aggressive physically,” says Brian. “Too much has been made of all guys being horn dogs, so girls get the impression the sluttier they act the better. So not true.” In the same vain as smile or hello form afar, a little light pawing is all you need to let him know you’re interested, ladies.

Well i hope this helps with your flirting techniques!!!!!! so what are you waiting for go flirt!!!