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February 5, 2011

When i wanted to lose weight i thought i could simply stop eating a burger or 2 ,a little exercise here and there and maybe a glass of water before i tuck into some Nandos and fries and then the pounds would fly off. (Doh!! so wrong!!)
But in today’s world where calories seem to be secretly hidden within so many foods and drinks we consume its time to get educated.
The problem is food companies are so bent on us buying their products they will bend the rules by putting healthy on the packet but increasing calories with salt ,fats and sugar so that there product taste good.
Losing weight is not a must for everyone, its more important to be at a healthy weight and looking after yourself!!!!!
Looking good it makes you feel good about your self and losing a bit of weight might bet healthy for your size. If you do have problems with your extreme weight loss or gain, we would advise to get one on one advise from a doctor!!!!
but here are a few tips on how to lose weight for that summer body!!!

Fact you can lose 62 calories by drinking ice cold water.
Water helps your kidneys to flush out the waste and metabolize fat more effectively, which mean to break down the fat. It’s best to drink water in between meals, try not to drink before as it will make you will feel full once you start eating.

The more you eat for breakfast, the less food you will want to eat at night. If you skip this meal you’ll end up devouring everything in sight for the rest of the day.
Recommended 3 meals of a sensible size and 2 delicious yet low calorie snacks, nowadays you can find out on the packaging.
Eat sensibly so your body doesn’t crave for food. If you treat your body right it won’t demand for more attention!
Also eat at regular times as your body digestive system works like clock work, if you don’t your body weight will go up and down and that’s not healthy for anyone!!!!

Exercise is crucial to weight loss. You can’t expect to sit on the couch all day, sip water and lose weight.
Join a good gym that lets you work with weights. It will help you build muscle and your metabolism rate will increase. Which helps you to break down your body fat!!!
You’ll soon see the fat come off and in its place muscle will develop.

Check your portions the next time you eat. Its better to eating just enough than to eat until its hard to stand up!!!
Its more healthy for you to eat smaller meals than to eat massive meals unless your trying to put on weight. If you have cooked to much, just save it for later until your next meal.
Good advise is to get rid of the huge plates you usually use. Substitute them with small ones, when food starts to fall off, you’ll know it’s enough.
Try to get these new plates in dark colors. Dark blue will be your best choice since it’s the #1 color that fights off the appetite. Avoid red, orange and yellow where you eat, as they are the colours that make your appetite go sky high! (Think McDonalds’ logo and you’ll do fine, they are not random colors that they so happen to use)

Food and drink products are all out to get you. They scream ‘Buy me! Buy me!’. It could be ‘fat free’ but it could still have a lot of calories. You need to analyze the nutrition label on the cover, TRY NOT to be tempted with the frozen food or junk food as they are no good for you!!!!!!!!

Document what you eat. This way you can keep track and evaluate your eating habits at the end of each week. It will help you to see the results and keep your appetite under control. This way it will encourage you to watch what you eat and what will happen if you fall off the healthy band wagon.

If you begin to dislike your diet then there’s something wrong. Find a diet that suits your body type and your lifestyle. Be consistent as that is the key to being successful!!!!




February 3, 2011

Fake tan is not only for the really pale skin, but can be used on all tones of skin to give you that sun kissed look!!!!
So instead of going on holiday and roasting in the sun for hours, or going sunbed which might i say is very bed for your skin because skin that can be sun burnt is a sign of damaging your skin cells. In the long term you will be able to see your skin looking dry, wrinkly with freckles and even moles, which can lead to skin cancer!!!!!!
Instead of that, fake tan can work wonders if you know how to use it, so we provided a video to show you how to do it!!!!
Also the best products that i have used and has work wonders and that don’t have that smell that fake tan gives off is tinted body lotion



February 2, 2011

Photographer omari mckenzie, model Georgina Leahy

You all must be wondering what does supple mean…..
Well it the ability to achieve a full range of movements “to turn, stretch, twist and bend” without any stiffness. In simple terms it means flexibility lol!!!!
So you already know what im going to talk about next 😛
If your supple it raises your attractive sexuality to 200/10 lol!!!!
Men love a women who can bend twist and lift her leg any where so here is some important information that you should read before you start doing any type of stretching!!!! 😉

Suppleness or flexibility is an important part of your everyday life. Being supple means that you can reach up to take an item down from a bookshelf, or bend down to tie your shoe laces, without feeling that your movements are restricted in any way. It gets better when you reach the bedroom with your partner!!!!!
Its important when your young to spend a bit of time enhancing and maintaining your suppleness, so when you get a bit older your not to stiff!!!!
Anyone can start a daily routine of simple stretches to restore or increase that flexibility to your muscles as well as joints. Your never too old to reverse the reduced level of suppleness !!!!

So this is how you do it!!!!! Suppleness is achieved by regular stretching of the muscles, but its really important to warm up be for any stretching happens!!!! This is because the muscles will be cold so a light 5 min jog, should do the job. So when your stretching you will feel a slight degree of tension in the muscle. If you try to attempt to stretch too far this may cause physical discomfort or even pain and can further result in an injury. So, in order to maintain your suppleness, stretches need to be held for at least ten seconds which gives connective tissues enough time to lengthen Also try to hold the stretch still, because if your bouncing your not giving your muscles enough time to lengthen and you might injure yourself.

Stretches should always be done slowly. Once you get familiar with the positions, you can develop your flexibility by relaxing in them for progressively longer periods. You will soon realize that as your muscles relax, they can be stretched further. However if you are not doing this sort of activity regularly, you will soon find your joints all stiffening up and your range of movements becoming much more limited. So don’t take exercise for granted. Always consult a physical instructor before you start something new.


Classes you can join to help your suppleness this is for real intense stretching and quicker results:
Yoga, Palates

For more fun and relax: Pole dancing, street dance.

By having a healthy living! You will have a Healthy Body Healthy Mind and Soul!!!!! 😛
Also amazing sex life!!!!!!



January 31, 2011

If you ever wonder why those super models look so perfect is down to a lot of things, but one of the main ones is what they eat!!!!
So here are a few things you can eat as snacks that will help your hair, skin and energy be amazing!!!! So what are you waiting for go snack!!!! 😛


This small snack is packed with vitamin E, which is great for circulation to the scalp.


Great source of vitamin E which improves blood circulation on the scalp. Walnuts are source of zinc. A zinc deficiency can lead to hair shedding.

Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds are high in protein, biotin, potassium, zinc, iron, B vitamins, vitamin E, magnesium and calcium. Hair is made of proteins so this tasty snack will strengthen the hair! Beware of added sodium and flavors when buying this snack!


Figs contain iron, magnesium, vitamins A, B & C, folic acid, zinc, sodium and potassium. They are 80% higher in potassium than bananas!


This fruit contains iron, essential for hemoglobin, the oxygen-carrying pigment in red blood cells. Iron deficiency leads to anemia, pale skin and thinning, undernourished hair.


contain an amino acid named tryptophan, an essential amino acid. This means the body needs it but can’t make it—we gotta eat it! It also contains natural oils that soften the hair when applied directly. Potassium adds softening properties to the hair shaft.

Raspberries or strawberries

Berries contain Vitamin A and Vitamin E. This helps circulation of blood to the scalp.


Oranges contain vitamin C, a necessary nutrient for your body to keeps the fibers that create each hair together. Plus, beta carotene, found in other orange fruits and veggies is needed for cells to grow



January 28, 2011

With so much fast food and fatty health hazards around, a short term healthy body detox can have a very positive impact on your health, but if you’ve never done a body detox before, you should learn how to detox your body safely and healthily before you begin any kind of liver detox or other detox diets.

Detox is short for detoxification and invovles the removing of toxic substances from your body via the bloodstream. The human body has a natural detox function through the liver, kidneys and lower gastrointestinal tract. Before learning how to detox your body naturally, you need to understand the basics of how your body cleanses itself:(this is important) The liver attempts to keep the body clean as it denies other toxins from entering the blood stream, however, over time, this body detox process is exposed to so many toxins that this natural fight mechanism can wear down – so learning how to detox your body can bring substantial benefits to your health and well being.

Long Term vs. Short Term Detox
Detox programs can be short-term or long-term, but they all aim to release toxins from the body. Short-term detox programs should include: 24-hour juice fasting, chelation therapy and heavy metal removal, colon cleansing (colonics), skin cleansing, safe mercury removal, intravenous injections.

Long-term detox programs should include, but are not limited to: dietary changes such as avoiding meats, high-carbohydrates, like rice, white bread, potatoes or sweeteners, chocalate and eating more vegetables and fruits or garlic; drinking fluids (water, vegetable and fruit juice, herbal tea); taking vitamins and supplements. (wow thats my whole diet gone) It is also recommended to exercise (Yoga, Tai Chi), try alternative therapies such as homeopathy, acupuncture, hydrotherapy; and try methods to reduce stress like massage, herbal soaks, or meditation.

Budget/At-home detox treatments
The following at-home detox treatments are simple, budget friendly ways to start a detox regime. However, I suggest that anyone looking to seriously detox and improve their overall health and wellness receive a medical consultation for their detox needs, so they can truly find out the root of their symptoms and receive the best treatment regime. The below detox routines are good “starting off” points, but they will not produce long term results.

Learning how to detox is most often achieved through means like the modification of diet, the use of herbs or teas and more radical methods like colon hydrotherapy, body cleansing juice fasting and sweat lodges. These methods are said to jump start the body’s natural detoxification process. In certain cases artificial detox techniques such as dialysis may have to be implemented.

The word detox is also used to describe the initial detoxification step in any drug or alcohol abuse rehabilitation program. Drug detox is the first step in the journey to abstinence and a drug-free life. The process must always be done under medical supervision and care since the patient will likely battle withdrawal symptoms while abstaining from whatever substance they are dependent on. Through learning how to detox your body and abstinence the body is cleansed from the toxins brought on from abusing their bodies. There should be a greater chance of the patient staying clean if counseling and other rehabilitation efforts are continued following detoxification.

More people are aware of detoxification procedures in today’s world due to modern medicine’s link between colon health and overall health. There is a belief that many common complaints like fatigue, gas, bloating, constipation, headaches, indigestion and weight gain are due in large part to a build up of toxin-filled fecal matter that builds in the colon over time.

Compare the functions of the colon in our bodies to a sewer system in a large city. If debris clogged a region’s sewer system it would only be a matter of time before the repercussions would be felt within the area. The neighborhood would be filled with filth, there would be a horrific stench, and the sewage overflow could possibly contaminate the drinking water. It would not be a healthy environment. People would become sick. The same applies to the human body when the detoxification process is not working well. An overall well-being is felt when the colon is clean and healthy. When it becomes congested it’s not difficult to imagine the potential health consequences.

With obesity becoming more and more of a major health concern there has been a renewed focus on the link between the buildup of toxins and weight gain, especially with belly fat and waist size. Therefore, learning how to detox with a healthy detox diet, and getting a good liver detox for a total body detox is a very Important.



January 26, 2011

The following advise for ‘What a man wants in a women’ might vary for every of guy, but most guys are quite simple and just want the following….

Good Sex

Let’s not pretend that its just men who are looking for a capable and attentive sexual partner. We would be doing women an injustice if we didn’t give them credit for their sensual side. Men want a partner who will be willing to share her affection physically without intimidating him. I have seen it happen – some women simply look too intense or “hot” for men to approach. Sociologists tell us this could be because men are concerned about their ability to “please” these women in bed. To that end, there is something to be said for “dressing down” and being yourself. Some ways to show a man you’re interested in providing the physical attention he wants is through subtle gestures and touching. Graze his arm with your hand, let your hips touch casually, or just outright put your hand on his face – playfully. The point of subtle touch is to make him think it was casual, so don’t be too serious about it. By allowing for casual touch, you’ll be planting a seed in his mind. Besides, you can find out if you even like touching him long before committing to a date. Don’t be intimidated by men’s desire for good sex – after all, isn’t it one of your desires, too?

Healthy Appearance

There is no ideal physical appearance, no perfect female standard to adhere to. It’s important to maintain your health, take care of yourself, and practice good hygiene. Most men I talk to say that women stand out for simple reasons – some men look for red hair, still others are after an attractive smile. Men will either be attracted to a woman initially, or they won’t. By paying attention to your health (eating fruits and vegetables, trying to stay within a healthy weight range) and practicing basic hygiene (brushing your teeth, keeping your hair clean) you will do yourself and your potential dates a favor. Whether or not a man is attracted to you is out of your hands. The best you can do is prepare yourself – and by the way, keeping your body healthy is a good idea in general. A healthy body is a happy body, and good general health leads to good mental health. You have no say in whether or not a man is attracted to you, but you do have control over your health.


The word “trust” here refers not just to a man’s ability to trust that you won’t cheat on him, but his ability to come to you for his emotional needs. All people require trust before they’re willing to share with someone on a deep level – the kind of level that is healthy for a relationship. If a man thinks you’ll listen to his problems and immediately rush off to the internet to Twitter all your friends about it, he won’t have that sense of trust necessary to really develop a relationship. In fact, a lack of trust can lead to some really unhealthy partnering. A many may be willing, for instance, to have sex with you or flirt with you, but a perceived lack of trust will keep him from really connecting with his partner. You will become, pardon the expression, a “booty call” – not because he’s a jerk, but because he doesn’t trust you enough to move the relationship into the next phase.

Sense of Humor

Men and women both need humor in their lives to stay happy. Humor is also a great icebreaker in many different difficult situations. How many times has a simple joke turned an awkward first date into a relaxed good time, or how often have you used humor to “disarm” someone you’ve been attracted to? There will most certainly come times in your relationship that a good joke will keep a minor disagreement from becoming a full fledged argument. Humor works because it breaks down our sense of ourselves, relaxes us physically (laughter being the best medicine), and shows people around us that we have a playful and friendly side. Men want a woman with a sense of humor for the same reason women want the same thing in a man – humor keeps our mood bright, and can even ignite passion. It turns out, laughter is also one of the best aphrodisiacs, and men will find your sense of humor, no matter how goofy or corny, a serious turn on.


The Pill and the Mini-Pill How it Works.

January 26, 2011

Being properly told as a young girl on how the pill works and the proper way in which to take it seemed very elusive to say the least.
But if after this your still a little bit in the dark to exactly how it all gos take a visit to your GP to get more information.
I know when i was younger what type of pill and how and when it was used confused me and lot of my friends but here i thought i would shed some light on this.
But remember the Pill is for birth control and is not the safest way to having sex as yuo can still catch sexual transmitted diseases. but thats another blog.
Anyway back to the pill.

How it works ?

The Pill, also called the Combined Pill, combines two female-type hormones, oestrogen and progestogen. These hormones stop you from ovulating (or producing an egg) each month. You can’t get pregnant if you don’t ovulate.

These hormones also make it harder for sperm to reach the egg by thickening the secretions around your cervix, and make your womb less receptive to an egg by thinning the lining of your womb.

The mini-Pill is different to the Combined Pill as it contains only one hormone – which is why it’s sometimes known as the ‘progestogen-only Pill.’ The mini-Pill does not prevent ovulation, but works by thickening mucus in the cervix, making it difficult for sperm to travel through.
Is it effective?

Both the Pill and the mini-Pill are around 99% effective if taken correctly. As the mini-Pill contains only one hormone, it’s ‘milder’ with fewer side-effects, but also slightly less effective.

If you are more than 24 hours late in taking the Pill, its effectiveness will have decreased and you will need to use another form of contraception. With the mini-Pill you will need to use another form of contraception if you are more three hours late with a pill.

How do I get it?
Get a prescription from your GP or Family Planning Clinic. Your doctor will consider your medical history and current state of health when prescribing. A follow up is usually done every six months to make sure you haven’t developed any risk factors for the Pill’s or the mini-Pill’s side effects (see below). There are over twenty different contraceptive pills on the market, so make sure you discuss with your doctor which is the right one for you, as certain pills have different side effects (see below) and others are better for treating conditions like acne.

Why should I get it?

Other than convenience, the mini-Pill can make your periods lighter and it also has less negative side effects than the Pill. However, the Pill can Abolish or diminsh period pain and decrease PMS symptoms, make periods shorter and lighter. Because of this, you will be less likely to be anaemic. It can also improve acne and can reduce the risk of endometrial and ovarian cancers.
Why shouldn’t I take it?

The mini-Pill has fewer side effects than the Pill, but it can cause spotting between periods, weight gain and breast tenderness.

During the first few packs of the Pill, many women get passing side effects. If they don’t go away after a few months, you might want to consider switching to another brand of the Pill. These side effects include headaches, nausea, breast tenderness, slight weight gain, slight ‘spotting’ of blood between the periods, possible depression and a lower libid.

More serious side effects include deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or clotting, heart attack, stroke, breast cancer, cervical cancer and liver cancer.

Read the information leaflet on your brand of Pill for more information. Usually these side effects are very rare, but they are much more likely to happen if you have certain ‘risk factors,’ including being a smoker, being severely overweight, having high blood pressure, having high cholesterol, being diabetic (although non-smoking diabetics can use the Pill under careful supervision), having a family history of thrombosis or some similar illness like heart attack, having a history vein inflammation or thrombophlebitis or if you have been immobile for a while (such as after having surgery).