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January 13, 2011

When makeup brushes start getting worn out and dirty, its a good idea if you wash them, to get them back to life!!!!

What the difference between expensive and cheap make-up brushes, besides the price?
Both used synthetic bristles, and the cheap make-up brushes looked pretty much identical to the expensive ones. The difference is the results, so if you want to invest in expensive make-up brushes i would say go for it!!!!!

How to clean your brushes?

* Use a makeup brush cleaner or mild hair shampoo to clean your makeup brushes. If using a cleanser, follow the instructions — some are alcohol based and don’t require water, others do. If using shampoo, run brushes under water, mix in a little bit of shampoo, and rinse.
* Once you’ve cleaned your brush, reshape it into the correct position.
* To dry, lie brushes flat on a towel or hang upside down with clothespins. Do not place upright — water can run into the handle and cause rust or damage to the base.

Other great tips I found:

* Allow at least 8 hours for your brushes to dry completely.
* Plan to wash your brushes once a week — once a day (I KNOW!) if you suffer from acne or very sensitive skin.
* Wash brushes used with creams, lipsticks or lip gloss immediately after each use to avoid buildup.



January 11, 2011

This is always gonna be a debate especially now that you can have fake bum implants but that’s another day and another blog.
But for now lets stick with the boobs.
I know implants makes girls feel more confident and sexier and to be honest a lot of fake boobs do look good but then where do we draw the line. I have seen girls with great looking breats and a descent B or C cups but want to have implants. Some implants just look ridiculous with , either too big or badley implanted.
Are we just sold by what the media considers to be sexy and what celebs do rather then our own insecurities. Also what do the men think because im sure some women do it also to attract the mans attention but many would deny this.

A survey has found men prefer women to have natural breasts rather than fake boobs irrespective of their size. We think this is true to a certain extent but when the boobs start hitting down south after having kids, the mens eyes start wondering elsewhere.

The survey of over 2,000 men – including a number of celebs such as Russell Brand and T4 host Steve Jones – found 89 percent of men would rather women kept their natural breasts than invest in a larger, plastic pair.

Did anyone tell Russel Brand he didn’t need to go off and conduct his own ‘research’ into the matter?

The poll by Heat magazine also found 47 percent of men have felt a fake pair and 87 percent think bigger isn’t always better. 29 percent said they thought padded bras were ‘false advertising’

Serial womaniser Russell Brand, said: “I prefer natural, to tell you the truth. In my thoroughly researched and valid academic view, they look amazing: the symmetry, the softness, the roundness … it’s the touch too.”
But T4 presenter, Steve Jones – who dated Baywatch star Pamela Anderson – disagreed adding: “If you want to know what implants are like, push your calf muscle against your leg. That’s what fake tits feel like … I find implants very sexy.”
Well there you go mixed variety there but at the end of the day its al about how the girl feels but what we will say to you is do it for YOU and no one else.



January 11, 2011

As we know women can go to one extreme to the next!!!!
Like our hair!!!!
Here are some of the HOTTEST ladies who change their hair from black to blonde hair, what do you prefer??



January 9, 2011

Today’s make-up is a little bit more creative, for the more venturous. So probably not for day time wear, more for a night out or for a fashion shoot.



January 8, 2011

Dyeing your hair from black to blonde is a nightmare. But it can be done.
My best advise if you dont know what your doing then its best to go to the hairdresser or follow carefully and seek a lot of advise before doing anything!!!!!
Tip: If your hair is not in good condition then i would advise to wait a few week before dying your hair blonde. In that time you would have to use conditioning treatments for your hair, if you have permed hair straight/curly i would advise not to bleach you hair, as there is a very very high risk of your hair breaking off and you wont have any hair left. Also if your scalp is sensitive stop the dying, instead of dying your whole head sometimes it easier to go and get high-lights as it would be quicker and less damage to all your hair.

1. Your hair has to be very dirty before you do anything!!!!!!!! Depending on your hair colour you will have to strip your hair which is by using a bleach bath. This stripping process is what makes the hair go crispy, but the idea for bleach bathing is for you to pre-lighten your hair as much as can. So it would look like bright orange type of colour, so don’t panic, its normal. you will have to do the bleach bath a few times to achieve the lightest orange. If your hair is getting quite spongy then you should stop, and use a treatment to condition your hair, and leave it for a few days and then either do more bleach baths or go straight on to dying your hair colour, bare in mind that your hair will not be the whitest blonde, but it will be safer for your hair.

Bleach bath mix:

1:4 Bleach bath contains 2 scoops of bleach, 1:4 peroxide 30%vol(9%), 1.5:4 water, 0.5/4 shampoo.

After the bleach bath, put the deep conditioner on your hair after you’ve washed your hair (don’t bother shampooing, anything in your hair will be stripped out and shampoo is just yet more unnecessary product in this situation) and dabbed it with a towel. Drench your hair in the stuff. Now blow dry it into your hair. When you blow dry, make sure to concentrate on one area of your hair at a time rather than moving the hair dryer around too much. This is because the heat from the blow dryer opens up your hair follicles and lets the conditioner’s moisture in. Once a section of your conditioned hair is dry, let it cool off for five or ten minutes. This locks the moisture into the hair.

* A long-term solution is to use apple cider vinegar to condition your hair instead of any normal product conditioner. If you’ve fried your hair through over-bleaching it’s probably sick of product. Cider vinegar makes a great conditioner – it leaves your hair shiny and soft and does a lot to combat frizz, and it smells nice and clean, it really does! Just dip your hair in half a glass of cider vinegar after you’ve shampooed it, then gently pour the cider vinegar around the crown of your head so it reaches the rest of your hair. Leave it on your hair for a minute or two then rinse it out. Try it – you may be surprised by the effect!

* Another long-term solution for minimizing hair damage from over-bleaching is to be sparing with shampoo. Only shampoo your roots, and let the shampoo from the roots head down to the rest of the hair naturally as you’re rinsing it out. This will still clean your hair but it minimizes the amount of product your poor fried blonde hair has to suffer.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to look after your hair before and after dying your hair blonde so please do take really good care and seek for more advise for your hair, as all hair are different!!!!

Next step if your scalp is feeling sensitive i would advise to wait a few days for a build up of oil on your hair and head or you could rub some vassaline (protect jelly) onto your scaple. So you will have to choose how bright, if you want a mix of blondes and what kind of tone of blonde you want. (so do more research) so applying the hair dye would be different techniques. I had a friend with experience in high-lighting and got her to do a full head of high lights with bleach and 9% (30 vol) and then had a golden blonde on the rest of the hair which was high-lift tint from Wella Colour and the number was 12/11 and you have to use 12%(vol) (which the mixture is 2:1) for this tint to work. I must say it was very burny sensation that i had, the high-lights took an hour and then the tint applied took half an hour and left it for 15-20 as it was quite burny. The results was light blonde high- lights with mostly golden hair.

i have to use treatments all the time now, because every time i brush my hair i have a lot of breakage!!!!!!

i wait until my hair is very greasy when i do my roots. To save time i mix up the tint colour and then i put a scoop of beach and just do the roots being careful not to touch/overlap the coloured hair, as your hair would be at high risk falling off!!!

so good luck and be very careful!!!!