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February 5, 2011

Oh we love braids and so does the whole world.
One of the ultimate aesthetic expressions for women of African descent has got to be braids. The hair style spans back to ancient Africa, and is so culturally significant that the technique was used to communicate different tribes and groups.

In the UK braids for Black women and men are often a look you go towards to be creative and also fuss-free.

From many years ago leading up to today, braiding has prompted a multi-million dollar division in the beauty industry. `High fahion thinks its too black when worn by women of color but are often worn by white chicks to give them that cool look. But now loads of salons, independent braiders, and hair products have emerged. Braided styles like the early nineties “dookie” or “goddess” braids have become a staple for women, adorned by golden beads and other hair ornaments.

Do you remember Brandy, the singer-actresses signature look centered on her gorgeous pigtail or knotted braids. Also Janet Jackson starred opposite Tupac Shakur in John Singleton’s “Poetic Justice” using her “goddess” braids as a cornerstone of her character’s personal style. And todays Alicia Keys who wears them so well.

But we can’t forget about the men , Lemar, Trey Songz, have worn the classic braided cornrows braided by the sista around the corner. Singer Mario even had a song called “Braid My Hair.’ lol

Throughout our collective memory, we can recollect the seconds, minutes, and hours that we’ve spent in between our mother’s knees, wincing with pain or at the community stylist, having our coiled strands interlocked together, tighter than Simon Cowells jeans.

Today, we can see the visual evolution and versatility of present day braided styles. The look has become more global, high-fashion, and has even taken cues from other cultures blending it with traditional African elements.

Braids are beautiful, diverse, sexy and classic. Here’s to the love of braids and all the beautiful people that wear it.



February 5, 2011

Love Nicki Minaj make up looks!!!!!
They are simple to do and most of all her looks are pretty much are the same just a tad bit of change with the eye shadows!!!
Also Nicki did a special edition of pink lipstick with MAC for her album pink friday and it did so well that she is in talks with them about a range!!!!
We hope you enjoy this video and master the Barbie Nicki look from her video ‘check it out’!!!



February 5, 2011

1. Fold a tissue in half and run it under water.

2 Squeeze it so that it is not soaking, but moist/damp.

3 Run it over your lips. This will moisten them.

4 Apply Vaseline or petroleum jelly. This will moisten and soften your lips.

5 Press your lips together for 15-30 seconds. Make sure the Vaseline/petroleum jelly is well absorbed.

6 Apply a thin coat of lipstick (it’s usually best to stick with neutral tones, but if bright reds and such work on you, go for it!)

7 Blot out by kissing off the excess lipstick on the back of your hand. DO NOT use a tissue for this, as little bits could stick to your lips.

8 Apply a thicker coat of lip gloss. This will give it shine.

9 Practice your smile.

Get some moisturizer (the thicker the better). After you’ve brushed your teeth at night, put the moisturizer on your lips, rubbing it on them and a little bit around your mouth until you cant see it. Then, get some more and dab a thick layer onto your lips so your lips look white (the color of the moisturizer). Leave it on overnight, and during the night it will soak into your lips and dry, leaving them smooth, soft and perfect.

Don’t forget to wring out the tissue. Otherwise your Vaseline and everything else will dribble onto your chin.
No red colors (for your lipstick). It’s best to stick to colors like salmon pink and the peach. Although, if you want your teeth to look whiter, apply some red lipstick. Then over that, apply some bluish toned lip gloss, which makes the white in your teeth stand out.

* Don’t stick out your lips when puckering. Adopt a sultry, sexy look that will compliment your great new lips.
* Alternatively, instead of tissue, use an old toothbrush, wet it, and lightly brush over your lips. This is great for removing dead skin. Just don’t do it too hard, or they’ll feel sore afterwards. Use a circular motion, and after you are done, rinse your lips with water and apply Vaseline and/or some other hydrating lip product to your lips. Make sure to coat your lips well. This works best at night, but for during the day, you can apply some lip gloss as the last step.

this makes your lips raw so be care full and do these steps at least 2 days before you plan on kissing or anything

* Lips
* Tissue
* Water
* Vaseline/petroleum jelly
* Neutral toned lipstick
* Lip gloss
* Toothbrush



February 4, 2011

I remember the first time i shaved my legs i was soooo scared of how to do it, and if i was doing it wrong, what would happen after?!!!! Also i got quite a few cuts, darn that tricky ankle area! because i didn’t know what i was doing!!!
Shaving legs is the quick easy way of getting rid of that hair so here is a video on how to do it properly incase you still shave in the wrong direction lol !!!!!



February 4, 2011

Red lipstick is a make-up statement, and isn’t hard to pull off if you know which colour looks good with your skin tone and keeps you looking classy not trashy!!!!
So here is a bit of advise and things you should take into consideration to be able to pull the red lipstick off!!!!

These are the must have to be able to wear Red Lipstick!!!!!!

Must be open minded
Confidence! is key in anything you do in life you must have confidence and if you have confidence you can rock anything
Know the right shade for you!!!!!
The picture below are a few examples of different kinds of red lipsticks you can get…

If you are too worried about initially wearing Red lipstick to a Party or a Big event you can still wear Red by using a different shade of Red. All Skin tones can wear Red you just have to find the right shade for you. A great way to try Red Lipstick before even buying is going to a Make up shop or outlet like Selfridges who have various make up counters like MAC, Benifit, Bobby Brown etc… Then get a make up artist to test different shades of Red on you .If you are worried about the prices of Red Lipstick do not worry they come in affordable prices and you can great Red Lipstick without breaking the bank.

Here are a few examples of different types of Red lipstick on different tones of skin.

Dark Chocolate skin
Alik Wek

Medium Brown skin tone
Kelly Rowland

Lights skin tone

Pale skin tone
Megan Foxx



February 3, 2011

There are so many ways you can become a make-up artist, so here are the best tips on how to get into the make-up industry!!!!



February 3, 2011

Fake tan is not only for the really pale skin, but can be used on all tones of skin to give you that sun kissed look!!!!
So instead of going on holiday and roasting in the sun for hours, or going sunbed which might i say is very bed for your skin because skin that can be sun burnt is a sign of damaging your skin cells. In the long term you will be able to see your skin looking dry, wrinkly with freckles and even moles, which can lead to skin cancer!!!!!!
Instead of that, fake tan can work wonders if you know how to use it, so we provided a video to show you how to do it!!!!
Also the best products that i have used and has work wonders and that don’t have that smell that fake tan gives off is tinted body lotion