9 Moves Men Make that Women Love

February 4, 2011

Oh yes these are moves that a man can do for a girl that are not only based on bedroom movements but also “out of the bed. So, if any guys read this post, you will learn a thing or two to what us ladies love about what you do. So here we go….

1. Grabbing From Behind
I do not know about you, but I love it when a boyfriend grabs me from behind and puts his hands on my waist for a cuddle. It seems to be a very romantic gesture – in my book.

2. Flowers and chocolates
Call me old fashion but seeing a guy walk into your room with a suprise bunch of flowers just makes you say awwwww. Its the small things that really gets to a girls heart sometimes.

3. Blindfold games
It is really something when you are blindfolded and laying there, anticipating when and where your man is going to touch you. They make things specially for this, especially when they are slow soft touches with a lot of tender love and care.

4. Going for a walk
As simple as this sounds its very romantic. A guys asking you to come with him for a walk but without actually going anywhere means that you spend some good quality time together, your pace of walking will generally slow to a nice pace where you can chat, crack jokes or hold hands. Summer day are great for this.

5. Butterfly Kisses on the Chest
Men are sweet when they give butterfly kisses, so lets take those butterfly kisses to a hole new level. Let’s give butterfly kisses on the chest. Many women enjoy men giving butterfly kisses on the chest. What about you? Is this a turn on?

6. Respect
I know, I am jumping out of the bed on this one In my opinion, one of the biggest sexy moves a guy could make would be to give respect. No Matter how rough and rugged he may come and he may not have the soothest ways of showing his love but i have always loved it when guys are respectful, he greets and leaves you with a kiss, he listens to your needs, he helps you along with your dreams, that is one of the reasons out of a thousand that I am attracted to guys.

7. Communication
A man who loves communicating with his girl has made a good move. Women are vocal creatures – did you know that? We can be insecure as well. Yes, we wish that we weren’t insecure, but sometimes, we can’t help it. A sexy move for a guy would be to help their girl with that insecurity without giving a big fuss over it.

8. Humor
Humor and guys are a incredible sexy mix. If the guy makes you laugh, then that makes him even more sexy, right? Humor is definitely a good move to make.

9. I Love You
Would you like to make a good move tonight? If you are in love with her, then let her know your feelings.Ok not all the time bu ‘I love you’ is a very sexy phrase that girls love hearing – even if they already know it.


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