February 3, 2011

We hope we aren’t the only ones that are single on Valentine’s day!!!!!
Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to sting and make you feel depressed because you haven’t got that special person there, don’t worry the time will come and the one is waiting for you!!!! Its just a case of time……
So we came up with an idea to get over the lovey dovey stuff and treat this year as an opportunity to recreate V-Day into something you’ll not only enjoy, but will look forward to repeating next year!!!!!!
So here are a few ideas of what you can do!!! 😛

Grab your girlfriends and plan a girls day out, where you can do fun exciting actives like dinner, yoga, trip to the spa, movies and shopping. For the more adventurous a trip to Mexico or Vegas for some girls-only partying, pool-side lounging and Margarita-sipping.
Camping is another idea its fun and im sure you will have loads of nature stories to last a life time!!!!
Or you can just get on with your life and stay at home with much merry-making, movie-watching and re-organizing of closets, living rooms and kitchens.
Removing ourselves from our daily lives (and changing our surroundings) can do wonders for boosting our mood and our spirits!!!!!!

Just like getting physically out of the house and doing something different will helps us recover by releasing us from our memories of the past boyfriend or no boyfriend state of mind!!!
Volunteering can give you a feel good feeling when helping others. When we focus on others, especially when it’s a hands-on helping situation like helping out a old peoples home or charity, we lose track of our own worries for a while as we focus on theirs. This has the potential to be incredibly relaxing and a very welcome break at a tough time of year. Plus, we’re hopefully making someone else’s day better in the process. It always feels better to give than receiving so its a win-win situation!!!!!

It’s almost guaranteed that even some of your coupled-up friends will be happy to skip the traditional dinner/flowers thing and its forced expressions of love. And all your single friends? Who doesn’t love somewhere fun to go on a day when it seems like everyone else has plans. So a party is needed!!!! A great fun themed dress up is always great fun to do!!!! Lots of food and drink, who can refuse!!!!

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be National Single’s Awareness Day!!!!!
So make it fun, or just get on with your life, as well as that you will be saving a few pounds, lucky us!!!!!! lol


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