February 3, 2011

Its hard when your a young lady and your hormones go up and down, we know as its happened to us before!!!!
Then you go on a date with a guy for the first time, you have a million and one questions during the date, about what will happen later on and what should you do if you got heated in the moment, ‘Should you give it up, or hold back and let him wait until you know him a bit better’.

So let me explain a bit more about men in general to help you come up with your own decision on what to do….
Men are highly sexual beings and will be jumping on everything that moves, until they can control the feeling and start to have standards. Especially very good looking and funny men!!!!!!
We have also been told very often by other guys, that usually a one night stand will always be a fling on the side, but very rare for the lady to become the main lady in their life, so this gives you an insight to how men respect women that give it up!!!!
The women that the men can’t get and are exclusive, and they can physically see other men casing her, then he will make an effort and commit to the woman and respect her because she isn’t with everyone!!!!
If he loses interest after a while of casing, then he was only after one thing, and you will be glad you didn’t give it up!!! It’s the worse feeling of wanting someone but they don’t want you, and you thought if you give it up, it may turn into something regular and you can eventually commit to each other!!!
We don’t want to burst your bubble but it not going to happen, if it does its extremely rare!!!!!

Today’s women that are having sex regularly with lots of different partners, this has become more acceptable in this day in time then ever before.
Truth be told, sex is a part of life and what we where designed for, most of us have or will have sex at some point in our lives, but women are not designed to lay down with various men at the same time, one because it may not be safe if your not using protection, two people talk and you may get a name and lose your self dignity as a lady, three you may lose your soul during this time period.
This is because women are made to love and serve a man, if you fall for one guy and you don’t receive the love back it will hurt and you will continue seeing all these other men but are not shown the love and respect you deserve, this will effect your relationship in the long term!!!!

The reality is this; you don’t have to be in a rush to have sex especially on the first date. It’s ok to practice and wait a while and don’t feel pressured to do it.
What we find is that we make too many compromises in relationships. Some of us venture into situations where we feel like we have to have sex in order to be loved. Or some of us think that if we don’t have sex right away, then maybe the man of our dreams will move on to the next girl. If he is not willing to wait and progress the relationship on your terms, then let him go! He wasn’t the one for you in the first place.
It’s important that you always recognize your self-worth. It’s important to remember that you are worth the wait.
We really hope we have helped you to decide on what to do when you get into a situation and you have to ask your self, ‘ Do i give it up???’ and you remember reading this.

Try not to fall for the sweet talk, actions speak louder than words!!!!
Know your self worth!!
If he pressures you to do things you don’t want to do get out of the situation asap!!!
Question your self about his motives!!!


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  1. What a great resrouce this text is.

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