February 2, 2011

Photographer omari mckenzie, model Georgina Leahy

You all must be wondering what does supple mean…..
Well it the ability to achieve a full range of movements “to turn, stretch, twist and bend” without any stiffness. In simple terms it means flexibility lol!!!!
So you already know what im going to talk about next 😛
If your supple it raises your attractive sexuality to 200/10 lol!!!!
Men love a women who can bend twist and lift her leg any where so here is some important information that you should read before you start doing any type of stretching!!!! 😉

Suppleness or flexibility is an important part of your everyday life. Being supple means that you can reach up to take an item down from a bookshelf, or bend down to tie your shoe laces, without feeling that your movements are restricted in any way. It gets better when you reach the bedroom with your partner!!!!!
Its important when your young to spend a bit of time enhancing and maintaining your suppleness, so when you get a bit older your not to stiff!!!!
Anyone can start a daily routine of simple stretches to restore or increase that flexibility to your muscles as well as joints. Your never too old to reverse the reduced level of suppleness !!!!

So this is how you do it!!!!! Suppleness is achieved by regular stretching of the muscles, but its really important to warm up be for any stretching happens!!!! This is because the muscles will be cold so a light 5 min jog, should do the job. So when your stretching you will feel a slight degree of tension in the muscle. If you try to attempt to stretch too far this may cause physical discomfort or even pain and can further result in an injury. So, in order to maintain your suppleness, stretches need to be held for at least ten seconds which gives connective tissues enough time to lengthen Also try to hold the stretch still, because if your bouncing your not giving your muscles enough time to lengthen and you might injure yourself.

Stretches should always be done slowly. Once you get familiar with the positions, you can develop your flexibility by relaxing in them for progressively longer periods. You will soon realize that as your muscles relax, they can be stretched further. However if you are not doing this sort of activity regularly, you will soon find your joints all stiffening up and your range of movements becoming much more limited. So don’t take exercise for granted. Always consult a physical instructor before you start something new.


Classes you can join to help your suppleness this is for real intense stretching and quicker results:
Yoga, Palates

For more fun and relax: Pole dancing, street dance.

By having a healthy living! You will have a Healthy Body Healthy Mind and Soul!!!!! 😛
Also amazing sex life!!!!!!


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