February 2, 2011

Right here, right now, it’s time to throw down and end this vicious cycle of bad dates. We always tend to go for that good looking boy without thinking about the rest of what comes with him. Now that a new year has dawned, here are 9 boys I’m going to downgrade from Top Boy to blacklist boy — and never allow them to get in easy to my single life again.

1) The Crazy Daredevil Why: Because i bleed enough each month for both of us, so i dont need a man who keeps breaking bones and getting cuts and bruises. And I’m over men with a need to go crazy speeds in their car to impress their friends, trus me i do not want to be in that car when it gets writtened off. loooong!!!

2) The backing dancer Why: Because dating should not be a group effort. Let’s face it: Falling for the dancer means you’ve got a man that is proberly sleaping around with a girl in every city. Its easy for them too as the press are not interested in them so you wont be finding out anytime soon.

3) Damaged Goods Why: Because you shouldn’t be out there dating without a warning label.Last year, there was a few guys that i met and they just had problems with life their job, their ex girl, their pitball dog. Life is one big depression so looong!!

4) Hippie Dudes Why: Because I’ve seen homeless men with better hygiene. I know plenty of people who co-exist perfectly well with their trendy heads of long, lovely dreadlocks and look and smell nice. but So why is it that this some guys just take rough and ready to some new extreme. Whatever. So long as you believe in the power of a shower its all good if not ..looong!!

5) The get drunk at the party guy Why: Because I don’t like considering the Police as “regulars.” in my life. This year, I’m not settling for a guy who whilst out regularly dances like a drunk and blacks out and must be informed the next day that he had a “rockin’ time” last night. Nor am I sitting on the couch while he breaks the Guinness world record for the most times he can throw up on the bathroom floor. looong!!

6) The Lost Cause Why: Its cool when you hear a guys say ” im trying to find myself . but when he is in his late 20’s still searching i suggest not to hold your breath coz you will pass out. But if the man hasn’t “found himself” by now, chances are, his quest isn’t about to end anytime soon, and I’m no longer content to ride sidecar down Identity Crisis Lane.

7) The Flakey forgetful Why: Because “I forgot” is not a valid excuse to say time after time doh sorry i forgot? How many times was I stood up in 2010 because some guy totally dropped the ball? Clearing my schedule for a date, getting stood up and consequently spending the evening watching DVDs or Xbox and forgetting that im waiting at starbucks for him is sooooo Looong!!!!!

8) The’ Dont worry i will finish with her’ Guy: Why? Because I’m not the one honey, to fall for you, then have some crazy girls out to kill me coz she thinks im trying to break up a happy home because you have no intention of finishing with her. why do they do that all the time?? Looong!!

9) And lastly Mr. Perfect Why: Because I concede that my blacklist has been a bit, er, black, but that’s not to say I’m looking for some ideal male specimen either. In 2011, I’ll be ready to embrace the charming , the quirks, the cuddly bit of belly, the childhood scars and the odd piece of baggage, too. Let’s hear it for all the little cracks and imperfections that make a good man unique, lovable and absolutely real. and he LOVES YOU!!

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