January 31, 2011

Britain’s young girls who would rather pose scantily-clad than enter a profession a poll has revealed. But why is this?
What ever the reason i must have the fever too as i cant stop posing photgraphs half naked lol.
I think that we all have become comfortable with our bodies and girls find no problem in wanting to feel and be sexy and to get paid for it too, thats a no brainer. And the survey says we prefer this over standard employment. But the key reason for this is seeing our celebraties get there kit off all over the media and make tons of money!!
Back in the day professional models where the ones that went naked in a magazine or catwalks. Wether it be fashion or glamour they where still models and it wasnt easy just to say i want to model. You had to get professional , train, get a portfolio and an agent. Not saying you dont have to do that now but with these music and reality Tv stars becoming fashion and glamour models and with no training, plus getting front covers and hitting the catwalk its no wonder girls now think its easier to become a model.



But that doesnt detract from the fact that more and more of us no longer want to do other type of jobs. But i think its important to have an education and experience in other types of employment. Why? thencheck this out.
More and more models are going into business selling product, fashion, TV, advertisment, publishing and more. They all have the edge over other models who simply do just model. Beyonce has her own fashion collcetion, Kim kadashian has major product endersements and if they want to grow this into even a bigger business model when they finish entertainment they have got to know business. Remember being s model doesnt last that long as you have to be young and pretty so having somthing to fall back on is very wise.



And check this a staggering 63% of girls would rather be glamour models than nurses, doctors or teachers, according to the survey by mobile entertainment providers. The findings have been blamed on the “endless media coverage” of women who become famous more for their physical attributes than talent or achievements.
“Teenagers are witnessing the likes of Reality Tv and music and film stars gracing the covers of their favourite magazines every day, so it is hardly surprising that they want to follow in their footsteps.



“Taking your clothes off is now more lucrative than ever and teenagers see it as a great way of making money and becoming famous.”
Of the nearly 1,000 girls surveyed, 63% found being a glamour model and famous most appealing. A quarter thought being a lap dancer would be a good profession but just 3% picked the teaching profession.

Asked what they would rather be famous for, 89% chose being recognised aa a celebrity and 11% picked achievement with little recognition.
Wow hope you aint one of these coz trust me in 10 years time when the looks fade you better have something else in your game.


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