January 31, 2011

When being with someone for a long period of time, you will be amazed on how boring love making gets when your doing the same things!!!!
So one of the great ideas of jazzing your love life up, is to get creative with your outfits!!!
The little tiny details make a difference….
So what we’ve done, is that we picked out a few of many ideas that you can simple get from your local shopping center or it might already be in your wardrobe!!!

If your finding difficulty to get PVC/shiny black material then just plan black would do for the dominatrix look and red lip stick!!!!!

Stocking and heels you just can’t go wrong!!!

Tiny clothing is cute and sexy!!!

Get your Brazilian music and im sure you will get carnival going on in no time!!!

Create something unique and fun with some material or string, you would be surprised on how hot it looks on!!! 😛

Hot school girl can never get to old!!! 😛

Hot net all in one suite you can get it from la senza or near any sourcy lingerie shop.

Last but not least brand new underwear your boyfriend hasn’t seen!!!

well thats it for the sexy bedroom wear, hope it spices your love life up!!! 😛


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