January 31, 2011

When being with a guy and your his official girl after the first few honeymoon months, of being together. It will be all down hill! from there!! You will notice the‘magic’ and ‘romance’ fade away little by little.
You will also notice that man may hardly even notice when you walk into the room. He will be too busy watching the football game or playing COD (call of duty).
When that happens you know it’s time to do something about it!!!!!
You got to keep him on his tippy toes!!!!!
The way to do that is to play a few games, and one of them is to get him JEALOUS!!!!! lol
So here is a 7 day plan on how to do it!!!

Get an appointment with your hair dresser and beautician for a hair cut or colour to jazz your self up!!! And full body wax, manicure and a pedicure. You can’t make anyone jealous if you look a hot mess. So this is a must!!!!!

If you got money aside saving up to buy him a birthday gift? Spend it! Buy something that make you feel good about your self, like a pair of sexy shoes (a girl can NEVER EVER have to many pairs of shoes) Move over to the lingerie section and get something with hardly any material to cover your body!!!!
Then when you get home, leave the package at some obvious location. You don’t have to open it all out. Just leave a little bit of lace peeping out of the cover. Don’t mention it when your man comes in the room.
Don’t even wear it for the next week. He’ll wonder why you bought such awesome underwear when you were not planning to use it!
It will get him thinking!!!

Avoid sitting at home and calling up your man to ask him what is he up to, and that you miss him!!!!
Be independent and start to get out more!!! Get a hobby to keep your self occupied or phone up a few girlfriends and catch up with them and plan a girls day out!!! Make plans to to do thing that will keep you busy in the evenings. You want him to know that you have a life and that you are a happy and independent women of the 21st century. If he doesn’t have time for you, then you are not going to wait around forever.
That will defiantly get him thinking even more about what your doing!!!! But then he might act all cool and act like he doesnt care!!!! dont give in !!!!

Day 4: GET IN SHAPE!!!!
You can join the gym making sure its unisex. Make sure you mingle with a couple of male members and become friends. When you mention how you joined the gym make sure you drop a few male names and how you appreciate that they’re putting so much effort into looking good and how they all compliment you on your efforts of getting fit!!! If you have a personal trainer thats even better, making sure you drop in his experties!!!! If this doesn’t make his blood boil i dont what will!!!!!

Day 5: PLOTTING!!!!!
Valentine’s is around the corner, make a pact with your girlfriends to send each other red roses. Don’t include a card. When it arrives, look happy. Don’t prance around him asking if he sent it. Act like it’s just another day. Take a bath and change into something nice before you sit down to dinner. Don’t look surprised, if he compliments you on anything!!!! Wither its the food, what your wearing or even how you smell…

Day 6: HOT VISITOR!!!!
If you have a good looking single neighbor then call him over to help you fix your lap top or show you how facebook works!!!! Ensure he’s still around when your man gets to your house. Soon he’ll be looking around for things do for you and asking you why didn’t you just call him to do it!!!!

If you really love your man, there’s no need to go all out to hurt him. We just want to nudge him in the right direction. Sometimes a heart to heart talk can revive a relationship like nothing else. Sit him down, tell him that you love him and nothing will ever come in between you.Tell him a little bit of how you feel (not the whole shebang) and let him understand where your coming from, ask him also about his needs from you!!! Men need to feel needed. And if you’re a emotionally strong, sexy, entertaining and loving woman then there’s no reason why he wouldn’t want you around.

So good luck and i hope there isn’t going to be to many arguments!!!


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