January 30, 2011

This is a new blog that we want to post every now and again to inspire our readers. We are all the same living in a world where we try and do our best to become successful women. But more often then not our best is not good enough and some will never fullfill their potential. So we want to try and incourage you to ‘Dare to Dream’ of all the best things in life ,all the things a girl would want, but what you have to understand is that you have to work for it. For everything out there there is a price to pay. Its not money, its not loans, its not favours (although they all would help) its all about hard dedicated work!!!! Dream about your success look at photos of your success, watch others that already have their success but do not look in envy. Look to be inspired.

This country seems to breed haters on some next level (this is another blog for another day) and this causes alot of people to lose focus or to give up. But theres a thing that i belive and i will share with you. ‘If you ask for something it shall be given’ no matter what people may say its yours. but the only thing you must understand is that it will exist somewhere in the world for you, waiting for you to come and claim it. You my not know what day, what time or how you will get it but you have to have faith that you hard work and dedication will lead you to it.

Too many give up after a year or two thinking that there is some sort of rule of how quick success should come. There is no set rule, no time, no script because your life is a unique moment in time, there is only ONE YOU. If you dont want it to take longer then it should then you work harder, longer, each time you get a little nearer to your goal. Young girls should use their youth to work towrads their dreams so they can enjoy their fruits later. women that are older should not give up but put the same efforts to enjoy their fruits alittle later in life but enjoy just the same. Each time we post our Dare to dream blog we will try and inspire as much as we can, as we too are on our journey to find the success we asked for at the start and which we believe is out there in the world waiting for us to claim it.


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