January 28, 2011

‘I’m bored’ is the words they cry out and british girls want MORE. And that’s no surprise, with many of British girls admitting to being completely and utterly bored with their lives and nearly half claiming they are sick and tired of doing the same things day in and day out and want something more exciting to do. I use to get so bored if i wasnt out with my friends with my boyriend or partying. I found it hard to focus on much. So are brit girls easily bored?
And if so what’s the solution if any?

Young women think they’d be less frustrated if they made the effort to be more spontaneous – ditching their everyday lives in favour of something a little more zip, naming everything from starting up a new hobbie like modeling or singing to holidays or meeting a exciting new partner with deep pockets as high on their spontaneity wish list.
Some girls think they’d be less frustrated if they made the effort to be more spontaneous while others want to brush off their bored spider webs by getting on the next available flight ouuta here. A few would try something new in the bedroom where a lot of girls i know say to me their current job sucks, and they would be happier if they could take more holidays. And others i know blame a terrible social life and some want to start a new business.

So what’s stopping us? ‘Buts’, and lack of energy and confidence are cited as the root causes of ‘spontaneity stagnation’.
“Our ‘buts’ are getting in the way of us grasping opportunities and living a balance life. For example ‘I wish I could say yes to that invite, but’.
‘Buts’ limit the exploration of possibilities by the brain and it’s these possibilities that open the door for spontaneous actions – and the energy boost and motivation for life which follow.”
There is a saying that says the ‘best way to be successful is to simply start’.And to have a successful like enjoying all your dreams and possiblities is to kick start that reality into existance.


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