Money Cant Buy Happiness – But Financial Control Does

January 25, 2011

With travel fares rising which seems like every month, with the new VAT rise , prices of food, fuel bills and University fees set to soar its no wonder so many people are getting into debt,
but what about the young people. Do we actually know whats going on or are we only going to notive 10 years down the line which by then it may be too late to chnage an adapt your habits. With a lot of young ladies they think that they would be happier if they where richer or had more money.

But a lot of people i know with more money lend in bigger debt as they think they have more reaon to spend. But lets get back to the essence of this in happiness.
Happiness, well being and overall self esteem are influenced by our sense of financial control and not by what we earn, according to a study published today by Aviva.

Aviva’s Feel-Good Insight Study, produced in conjunction with a leading psychologist at City University, London, indicates a strong link between financial behaviour and self esteem – but proves money doesn’t buy happiness.

In short, those with sensible financial plans in place are happier overall and have a stronger sense of ‘financial well being and control ’, regardless of their salary.

In fact, more people earning over £50k have below-average self esteem (22%) than high self esteem (12%). Similarly, the study shows that good health is seen as twice as important (85%) as earning more money (42%).

The thing is we are all brainwashd by society and think that we have to live a paticular way even when we CANT AFFORD it. WE think if we but these things then we become happy but in the long run you will find that its a false sense of hapiness as this doesnt really make real friends, or brings in health or well being which is why after a certain amoubt of years you begin to learn that its all very tiresome. For some people this is usaully happens at late 20’s early 30’s when they learn that life has much more meaning. But my thing is why cant we learn sooner. One thing i always noticed about really successful happy people is the story of the journey in which they got to their place of happiness. They made sacrifices and understood they couldnt have everything they wanted if they wanted to succeed in their journey.
But with so much standard things a girl has to buy such as hair, skin and beauty products, toiletries etc it can be much harder then guys to save money.

There is true meaning in you cant have your cake and eat it too. Anyway im not saying you shouldnt buy the nice clothes or the car, or go on the holiday or expensive shoes. But whjat i am saying is be careful on what you spend. According to a lot of economist experts we may be going thru some hard times in the near future as this crazy goverment takes out BILLIONS out of the economy. So it may be time for you to start thinking about taking control of you cash rather then letting the goverment do it for you. And when yo can do that no mater what the circumstances then im sure you will find a sense of control and Happiness.
We will post up another blog soon on tips to manage your money but if you have any we would love you to share it with us.


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