January 25, 2011

Chenade Laroy- Commercial Glamour Model and singer
signed to Samantha Bond.

As the new year starts off running we are looking around at what will be this years rising stars.
We have talked about fashion, music gadgets but what about the ladies doing their thing.
In addition to taking in all the newest designs, music entertainment we are also keeping our eyes peeled for the hottest new industry honeys doing their thing.
Take a quick look at five up-and-coming Girls that we think you should look out for. Google these girls and find out more about what they are up to. if theres anyone else you think we should include let us know and we’ll post it on the next
Britians Next Top Honey.

Bianca Simmone- Glamour Video Model and RNB
Singer appeared in Cash Money Video and released her debut single and video.

Rosie Roff-Glamour Model appeared in FHM and nemerous mags and is making waves in th US with Playboy.

Lazara Storm- Editorial and Video Model and choegrapher. Appeared in jay Sean Videos
and featured in Bollywood Shows in India

Tashie Jackson- Singer and Video Glamour model . Appeared in So Solid video and the BBC Televison and with management
and songwriters based in US.



  1. glad u likey! do u have a fave or another topic u wud like us to cover?

  2. Well impress with the tallent

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