January 24, 2011

Man oh man to escape somewhere to a place with sunshine seems like the perfect way to cure any feelings towards the unpredictable British weather 😦 And with the weather getting more and more wetter as we go , why not plan a winter sun holiday to perk you up and give you something to look forward. Google these destinations for more information.

I know a lot of my friends have been jetting off to exotic places round the world and have returned smiling and loving their getways time. So, heres some info about the destinations that will provide you and your friends with some much needed vitamin D to the body.

Dubai has transformed itself to a modern, high flying, thriving city that everyones going to. The often referred to ‘Pearl of the Persian Gulf’ is the second largest Emirate, behind Abu Dhabi. It is recommended to travel between January and March as this is the most comfortable heat. You must not forget to visit Burj Khalifa set amongst a sea of skyscrapers this stands as the tallest tower in the world and is home to a plethora of technology. Don’t be fooled to think that this is all you will gain from the city, as it is still strongly interlinked with its traditional past of strong Islamic culture. The captivating city will leave you will a thirst for more.

Jamaica promises to exceed all of your expectations, whether going on holiday for relaxation on the beach or a cultural look into the rich history of the country. From back in the day i hav heard of Jamaic as the no.1 place to go for sun.The islands tropical climate means that there is hot weather all year round, the wet season runs from May to November and each year the tropical storms are between June and November, although most do tend to miss the island. Pick a resort carefully to ensure that you get all that you need, and won’t find your self clawing at the walls to get out. Negril is the quietest amongst them, with many different water sports available. Montego Bay is the most lively, so book if you don’t fancy a break that’s too calm and Ocho Rias is the closest to some of the most famous sites. Other activities to try include, horse riding, quad biking, safari rides and caving. Or you can visit the plantation where Blue Mountain coffee is grown. If your a fan of Bob Marley, travel to New Kingston to visit his museum. Or if that all sounds a little too adventurous relax on the beautiful, golden sands, you must be told that a lot of them are clothing optional.

Morocco i heeard is a hectic place to be, but friendly natives mean that this is a beautiful place to visit. Drowned in a sea of markets, with snake charmers and street performers on the corner of every street, it’s something of out a child’s fairytale book. Between October and April is the best place to travel as the heat is not as quite as intense. The North of the country offers cooler and wetter weather than anywhere else and the inland areas have a hotter, drier and more continental climate. Whether you visit either the Atlantic or Mediterranean coastlines or opt for the rugged mountainous interior, Morocco offers exotic culture, golden sands and endless trails. If you don’t fancy the walk yourself, saddle up the camel and ride straight into the Sahara and enjoy the delights as the sun sets over an ocean of sand.

Nestled away in the southernmost of the Caribbean Windward Islands, Grenada is affectionately known as the Isle of Spice. Known for its vendors selling spices on the streets, it is also recommended to go on a ‘Spice Tour’. Grenada is an independent tri-island made up from itself, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. The unspoilt, exotic island boasts tropical rain forests, waterfalls and golden beaches for reasons to visit. Escape from the rush of the city and daily life to visit the grand old plantation houses, historic waterfront buildings in St. Georges the island’s capital and the interesting architecture. Nothing is taller than a coconut palm. Diving is another suggested trip, endless coral reefs, colourful reef fish and 20 shipwrecks in total there is as much to see underwater as there is on land. The island’s driest months are from January to May, during this time with an average temperature of 30 degrees.

Yer Bwoy!!! Miami is otherwise known as party central. I have traveled here at loved it. It hosts a number of fashionable restaurants, hip bars and cool nightclubs that are the place to be seen at or to sit star spotting. Some of the bigger places include the Shore Club, Delano and the Standard, make sure to get your names on the guest lists, because they like to turn their noses up at people. Zoo Miami is a must visit destination, thanks to the warm climate it means that they can house animals from Asia, Australia and Africa, the exhibits are entirely cage-less, so enjoy as you get to see them as close to their natural habitat as possible, without trekking through the wild. Miami is definitely the most sought after recreational holiday, its the number one choice for active travellers as there is plenty of exploring and activities to do.
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The Maldives
Almost all of the 90 or so hotels in the Indian Ocean have their own mini tropical island, so make sure to pick a decent sized destination so you don’t feel too trapped. One of the largest islands is Soneva Fushi which offers casual chic and eco-friendly luxury. There are so many different resorts, that cater for your specific needs, so ensure that you choose the correct one for your holiday destination whether it be a family holiday, couple getaway or spa island resorts. The hottest month is April and the driest February, so choose what you like and design the perfect holiday for yourself.


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