Tight Jeans, Skirt, Low Top…Is She’s Asking For Harassment?

January 24, 2011

For as long as we can remember, people have debated whether women who wear provocative outfits are asking for male harassment. While “provocative” is a relative term, it apparently applies to a pair of tight-fitting jeans and a low neckline top. ( oh really!!!)

Many girls get harressed by men in the work place and in public and many examples even end up in court.

A lot of men say to each other “If she comes into the office dressed the way , she is just asking for it
And others may say ” I think she is just inviting it all upon herself in this case.”

Really? well im quite alarmed that some men generally feel that way.
It’s shocking to know that a large group of people support the idea that women not only deserve to be judged for their appearance, but that they should dress more conservatively to avoid being mistreated.

In a perfect world, we would be able to walk outside on the way to work or having lunch without hearing catcalls. living in London going about doing your thang i am surprised at how common place it is to be harassed in public. It didn’t make a difference whether I was wearing gym clothes, a suit, skinny jeans or a baggy sweater. Some days, it seemed like I could barely go to nandos for some chicken and chips without hearing an inappropriate comment. You see its not that e dont like guys approaching us its that they make you feel as if you’re a piece of meat, as if you belong indoors instead of out in the world and when they see you its OY! or Pssst! or Yo! or in some cases ‘ get your tits out love’

It’s 2011. Women should no longer be shamed into feeling as if it’s their responsibility to keep men from acting like boys. Men may be wired for visual stimulation, but they are also equipped with the capacity for maturaty and self-control, which should dictate that they express appreciation for beauty without cheapening it. I mean most times women just wear tight T shirt and jeans which is really casual but still get accused of egging guys on by what we wear. Plus many young confident women love to dress up with the latest fashions to to make them look and feel good not for pulling guys, this is the biggest misconception out there of girls. But when a guy acknowldeges that in a respect manner it goes a long way.

Anay enough of my rant what do you lot think ? Girls-How do you respond to in these cirmustances and Guys- what do you think of this situation?


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