January 24, 2011

Relationships are easy when you understand the rules of the game of love and companionship but if you dont understand the rules of the game your bound to be knocked off!!!!
Being “dumped” is devastating and painful. No woman likes being left for another!
If you are wondering how to keep your man, you should first know why men leave women in a relationship.
Here are some of the most common reasons that you should be aware of and take into consideration and possibly change about your relationship or yourself!!!

Boredom can cause havoc in a relationship. Though it takes two to tango, and both partners are responsible to keep their relationship alive and exciting.
But if you really want to keep a man then you really have to ask your self….
Have you allowed your relationship to become predictable and boring?
Well what are you waiting for jazz it up!!! the thing you say you would like to do!!! DO IT!!!
the places where you was thinking of doing it!!!! DO IT!!!!
Be spontaneous as it would be fun or dangerous and it will add some excitement!!

This means that after a while he has realized that you are not compatible and have nothing in common. This also means that there was a whole lot of pretense and lies involved to keep each other interested in the beginning. Once the honeymoon period is over, the real character is revealed and if it doesn’t work out then i guess it was for the best!!! If you really do like the guy you can always change and get interested in what he likes to do and inhabit that to what you like to do and try to make it work!!!!

A man can only take that much! No woman who nags and argues incessantly can hope to keep her man. He will refuse to stay with a nit picker who constantly fights, argues and nags at him. His interest will naturally fade!!!! You may become bitter!!!!! So lets cut that trade in the bud and be more positive and support your man!!! Its not all about you!!!

It is extremely important for a man to be sexually satisfied. Have you been too tired or have too many headaches lately? If you have not been keeping your man physically satisfied then he is bound to look elsewhere for satisfaction.
If you didn’t know, men need it!!!! It’s important like oxygen to them!!!!! In this day and age you can’t just be ok in the room…. (if you get my drift….)
You have to be amazing, if you dont know how to do it, then ask other girls for advise or do your research wither it would be books, exhibitions, seminars…. but DO something about it!!!!!

If a woman stops taking care of her looks, body, appearance and gets sloppy and fat, her man will be easily fall to temptation! A prettier female who pays him attention will become more attractive. Stop this from happening by being as attractive and beautiful as ever!!!!!

Sometimes the man is roped into a relationship without being actually ready for it. This immaturity and unwillingness to commit that is underlying makes him want to pull out of the relationship later on. Besides if the woman is expecting too much from him he will find it difficult to shoulder all the responsibility and will withdraw from the relationship.
So don’t force a guy to get into some thing, just lay it out on the table, what you feel and want, and if he wants the same then great!!! If not, his not the one for you.

No matter who the real breadwinner is in the relationship, the woman has to pay her man respect and honor. A man who is being ignored and taken for granted will slowly but surely begin to lose interest and will want to leave.
So let the MAN be the MAN and you be the supporting girlfriend, thats the rules of the game like it or not. Any ways who wants a man who doesn’t take control of the relationship, it would be unnatural!!!!



  1. can u elaborate the question? do u mean men leaving the relationship more than woman?,

  2. so does men drift off more easily then women?

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