E4 SKINS to include ‘most graphic sex scene ever’

January 23, 2011

As TV and satilie channels battle for ratings E4 are going all guns blazing to get our attention. Drama, action, violence, drugs and SEX is what we drool over and the TV execs know it. And E4’s skins drama series is no expection. The thing is its almost like a teen program for adults but the problem is its teens that are staying up to watch it and i can bet its young pre 18 year old teens.
The upcoming fifth series of ‘Skins’ is to feature the ”most graphic sex scene” the E4 teen drama has ever seen. (how can it be more graphic then the last series its gonna be almost porn!!!)

Actress Laya Lewis – who plays party animal Liv in the fifth season of the E4 teen drama – admitted she is terrified at the prospect of watching the “full-on” episode with her parents, as producers have warned her the finished product is like nothing seen on TV before.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: “Put it this way, I will be leaving the room when this scene comes on if I’m with my parents. The producers have already told me it’s the most full-on sex scene ‘Skins’ has ever had. I’m a bit worried to be honest.”

However, Laya – who won the part when producers visited her school in Bristol – explained she got used to getting naked on the show, as her wild ‘Skins’ alter-ego is a bit of a “s**g”, and she was forced to simulate an orgasm on her second day on set.

“I had to get naked on my second day! I didn’t even know I was doing it, I thought it was just going to be a bit of rumpy-pumpy, not a full-on sex scene. The next thing I’m hearing from the director is, ‘In 15 seconds, Laya, we’d like you to climax’. I was like, ‘Sorry, what?'”
Anyway we will all be glued to the channel watching the series and if you havent already you will want to see what alll the fuss is about.

The fifth series of ‘Skins’ airs on January 27 on E4.


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