January 22, 2011

Wigs are one beauty piece that are almost as old as time. To protect their heads from the sun, the ancient Egyptians wore wigs with decorative pieces. The elite of Europe wore white curled wigs to show their hierarchy in society. In them court houses you have them barristers with the funny wigs lol. And sistas of the 1970’s whipped out their afro pieces to get an instant Angela Davis look. But in the early nineties a force not to be reckoned with came and pushed wigs to the side—the ultra succeful weave. Today many celebraties use the wig for a quick fix and a quick new look for the image but why hasnt it takn off on the high street?

Since the 80’s the wig has kinda faded into the background with young people and is now used mostly as props or fancy dress.
Part of the stigma is the perception that there’s something wrong with wig-wearers natural hair. Another concern is that the piece may slide off your head lol. But the truth is there are a lot of stylish wigs that don’t slide, look like real hair, and don’t require hair issues to sport. In fact you can look differntly hot for a day!!

For a lot of girls, wigs are a great way to test the waters before making permanent decisions to cut or color. And then a lot of women work in a very professional [corporate] environment but want to try a different look on the weekend. A wig provides an opportunity to experiment but still be consistent in the workplace. So, have fun on the weekend and then go back to work with your normal look on Monday morning.

Still don’t believe us? Visit a wig shop and have the stylist play around with looks on you and see that new hot you intantly!!!!


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