January 22, 2011

It’s ok to admit it, we all want to be liked. Like it or not!!!!
I remember at school, all i wanted was to be able to do was fit in, that was hard enough!!!
Everybody wants to be popular these days and most will do anything to get it including changing themselves. But being your self is the best option, but there are few key things that you can do to make you popular, but with out changing the person you are!!!!!!

So firstly make a good first impression on everybody you meet. First impressions can make you or break you and you want every person you meet to remember you, in a good way. Remember you only get one chance to make a first impression.
Make eye contact. Don’t look at the floor. When you look at the floor that shows people that your shy and want to be left alone. Keep your head up high and have the confidence to look people straight into their eyes.

Smile! You want to come off as friendly, don’t you? This sounds obvious but trust me some are not great with this, make sure you have good hygiene! Many people will be turned off if you smell bad, so make sure you brush your teeth twice a day, shower and wash your hair and body often . Some people cant help to sweat alot so they are prone to letting off swaet odour during a hot day. If that is you invest in deodorant/perfume, but make sure you do not overload in the perfume or people will be turned off on that too.
Good posture is important. The way you hold yourself also gives off a lot about you. If you slouch your shoulders, you won’t look like the most welcoming girl. Make a habit of good poise. Shoulders back, stomach in, and chin tilted up slightly.
All ears. Pay attention to what the other person is saying. Don’t concentrate on yourself so much that you don’t catch the person’s name. Most popular pople are depicted as people who only brag about themselves but trust me this is not true!!
Speak clearly. No mumbling! When it’s your turn to speak, talk loud and clear, but don’t shout. You don’t want to scare them off lol.
we hope this helps you in a way that you can best represnt the real you.


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