January 21, 2011

Wow Nicki Minag is back in london for the first time since she blew to stardom.
Taking her hair to new heights and her fashion sense to an all-time she squeezed her famous curves into a tragic bright purple jumpsuit.

She teamed her bright pink hair with matching platform shoes and quirky plastic accessories.

But while her statement fashion sense and vibrant hair is nothing new, her larger-than-life hair seemed to have taken inspiration from the lightweight sugary snack.

Judging from the chaos sparked as the U.S. star emerged from the Dorchester hotel earlier today, her efforts to keep her profile raised certainly seems to be working.

And while her screaming fans may have been daunting to other celebrities Nicki was happy to dive into the pushing crowds and basked in the attention of her fans. YOU GO GIRL!!!



  1. for real news is news

  2. news is news where ever it comes from especially on blogs

  3. She looks a hot damn mess with that candy floss on her head and that odd jumpsuit. Kwirky ain’t the work. She’s let me down man. Lol

  4. Did you just copy and paste this from from The Daily mail

    • Dude, who cares??

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