January 21, 2011

You’re not going to find anything that is related to your or bed. In fact, I’m not listing anything that involves your home. These are the 10 hottest places to make love thats not in your home so here goes….

1. Back of the car.
This is usually the first place you think of when your still at home with the parents or you are trying the out doors.
Trying to find that spot can be exciting but tricky especially if you have no tints and the window steam gives you away to nosey passers by.

2.In a hotel
Changing the scenary can add that spice and a new adventure. I remember when i booked myseld into a hotel with my man and we
made out in the steam room. Hot stuff.

In a Restaurant Toilet.
Lol You might be think what!!! but yes ta restaurant toliet can be a greta place for a exciting quicky for you and you spouse.
its not as busy as a club or bar so you can sntch a quick 5 min lol.

3. In a tent
I don’t know why, but this one definitely sounds opinion. There’s just something about hanging in a tent while you’re spicing things up. This is great if it is a tent in your own back yard.

4. In the Woods
I have always enjoyed the woods. It’s such a peaceful area. It is also a very romantic area.

5. In a field full of high grass in summer
Shh, its so quite and all you can hear are the birds! This always sounded like a hot place to go at it. There’s just something about the out doors espeically on a hot summers day with no one around but you some grass together.

6. Under a Waterfall
Doesn’t this sound like a hot (or cool) idea? Imagine the water falling down on your body as you are wrapped in the arms of the one you love. In my opinion, this is definitely a hot place to have sex. But theres no water falls in the UK. doh! well i knopw but whenyour on that hioliday in the caribean that could be the one Now, to make sure it’s not in a major tourist area would be a great idea.

7. on a boat on a River
Yer you get that small boats that you pay per hour and are quite fun and romantic . they are high enough so no one can see you But Be careful and don’t tip the boat lol.

8. Next to a Campfire
Next to a campfire is certainly something you have to try with your loved one. Make sure you do not get too wild and roll over in the fire – that would definitely be too hot of a spot!

9. On the Hood of the Car
This is for when you feel rough and rugged with you man Careful not to put any scratches on if its your mans car he be pissed! This is a pretty hot spot to have sex. It puts a twist to the back seat thing.

10. On The Beach
This happens to be on of the most romantic places to make love with your man but happens to be he most open.
Which is why most beach scenes are at dusk in the evening when most have gone home.

Those are 10 hottest places to have sex. Perhaps when you were going down my list, you were saying “check, check, check,” because you already got the chance to do it. There are plenty of other hot places you can make love. So, I want you to turn your thinking cap on and tell everyone some more ideas on hot places to have sex. Would you mind sharing that with us?

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