January 19, 2011

Woman of this day and age have a changed mind set, but still emotional beings, here is an insight to what women of the 21st Century want from men!!!!!!


Most men either have no confidence, or carry around a false sense of confidence and swagger in an attempt to impress women. Women, just like men, want to see “real confidence” in a man’s behavior and attitude, and are sensitive to true confidence versus false bravado. Even if you can fake your confidence at first, any woman you attract and begin spending time with will learn your “true colors” with time – usually it doesn’t take very long. Having confidence is about more than thinking you’re attractive, or believing that you can achieve certain goals. A confident man will share his opinions without being argumentative, doesn’t mind an intellectual debate, is open to new ideas, and doesn’t constantly ask if “everything’s alright”. Carry this confidence into the bedroom – don’t ask if she’s having a good time or if you’re a good enough lover, simply assume you are and let her make the final decision. Most women react to confidence the way most men react to large breasts – it could be the most attractive thing about men to many women. In fact, true confidence will seep into the other areas of your life, and pretty much ensure that the other three categories listed here will be met.


Showing affection is not a matter of physical contact or emotional connection alone, but a nice mix of the two. Just like men, women want to know that they are appreciated, and this comes through affection and closeness as much as it does through any other aspect of a relationship. Take the time to learn a woman’s likes and dislikes, and cater your actions to these things. This doesn’t mean compromising your own taste, so it does sometimes, but not all the time. An example of a small gesture that shows affection would be something like there isnt enough milk i the fridge for 2 cups of tea, so you offer her the last bit of milk for her tea. Well something on those lines….


We live in an age where women can be truly independent – it is no longer true that a man must provide everything for his woman. Most of my girlfriends make more money. But providing “security” means more than bringing home the bacon, or standing up for her honor. A woman wants to know that her partner is going to work at least as hard as she is to get the good things in life. If you wait tables two days a week and spend the rest of your time playing video games, you don’t make a very likely partner long term. Paying your bills and being financially honest with a woman are two other great tactics to proving you are stable and can help provide security to your relationship. Especially now, with the economy in a nosedive and not likely to get much better for a few years, it is important for your potential dating partner to know you’re going to pull your weight. Even though most women don’t need to simply take money from their men anymore, its vital for a man to prove that he can provide when called upon. Buy dinner as often as you can, give her little gifts, and put your nose to the grind at work. Your potential partners will appreciate the show of security, and your confidence will get a big boost.


Women are often stereotyped as “emotional” creatures – the truth is that all people are emotional, male and female. Being “understanding” means providing a shoulder to cry on, honest advice and support during tough times, and sometimes just the ability to have a quiet night in when your partner is feeling down or sick or just plain tired. It is easy for men to overlook the little things that add up to being labeled “understanding” – if your girlfriend is feeling moody, consider curling up under a blanket and watching her favorite trashy TV show. If she is fighting with her friend, be a sounding board for her concerns without adding too much of our own opinion, unless she asks for it. When the two of you have a fight, and you most certainly will at some point, listen to her complaints and concerns, and respond honestly. Understanding is a vital part of a successful romantic relationship, and one that we men struggle with the most.


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