January 18, 2011

Here are a few tips on how to be that super best friend!!!!
Having a best friend is near enough having a relationship with a boy friend, but a girl!!!!
You will want to spend time with each other, call them all the time, think about them and plan everything together and even get jealous if they are spending their time with other people and not you!!!

Be your own best friend first. Learn how to respect yourself. Decide what boundaries are important to you and respect them. Understand what values are important to you, stick by them and seek others who honor those values. If you have a friend thats not like you then it would be difficult to be best of buddies, so you might have to move on and find another bestfriend. But if you want to be their best friend then you will have to make some changes to your self!!!

Be loyal. Stick up for your friend when they need it. Respect those times when they need to stick up for themselves. Trust your friend and allow yourself to be vulnerable with them. Also come to understand their limits and say “no” when you need to while still being their friend. A friend of integrity is of great value. It is the fact that through ups, downs, and disagreements you still seek to work things out and be their friend that truly demonstrates your loyalty. I always say if i ever fall out with a good friend i will always try to work things out so we understand each other, but if the person is not a good friend then they are not worth your time!!

Listen. Nobody likes a best friend who just talks and talks, but never listens. If you’re a chatterbox, it’s okay if you’re also a good listener. Whenever your best friend says something, listen carefully and say something. Don’t just say “yeah” and move on. Don’t interrupt or fidget continually while they’re talking to you. If they ask for advice, listen carefully and give them the best advice you can. It’ll earn you respect and of course, make them come to you more. Also look out for those signs when your looking for a bestfriend as its good to learn in the early stages if they care about you or you should leave them as just an associate.

Be trustworthy. If they tell you a secret, keep it, never ever, ever, tell someone a secret your friend wanted you to keep. Don’t even leak it out to someone you know you can trust. A secret is a secret. Don’t gossip about your best friend, don’t say anything that might turn into a rumor, and don’t do things that you know would upset them. For example, if she had a crush on a cute guy she would be embarrassed if you told someone. Make sure you know your best friend is okay with it. Things like that are sometimes hard to do, but if you want a solid friendship you have to be trustworthy.

Stick up for them. Sitting and watching your best friend get picked on or teased is definitely not going to earn you a brownie badge!! in best friends. If your best friend is getting seriously bullied and you’re scared you’ll get hurt if you get involved, then get help from a teacher or parents. If you can stick up for them without getting harmed yourself, make sure you do so. Sometimes you can feel totally better after being picked on when a friend tells everyone else to shut up and clear off. Iv been there so many times, it takes a lot of courage but is worth it sometimes, as sometimes the people who was picking on your friend will turn on you and your best friend says nothing to defend you. But if you want to be a good person then its a good idea to do it anyways. Im a strong believer in karma, what goes around, comes around!!!


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