January 16, 2011

So many people around the world have acne, irregardless of age. It can be an embarrassing facial feature that affects your self confidence and success. But, there are many safeguards you can follow to lower your risk of acne breakouts. i know as i had this problem last year. Consider trying some of the following 7 acne blemish reducing tips:

1. Nutrition: even though no direct link has been found between what you eat and acne breakouts, developing healthy food habits is really important. Every person is a unique individual, and while one person can eat all the junk food they can stand, another may be very sensitive to it. Some people find that they are sensitive to certain foods (nuts in particular) and that they seem to break out more after eating them. Keep track to what you eat and how you are affected by it for a few days. Another question to ask yourself, do you drink enough water? Water will help flush your system of toxins and give you a healthy complexion. Drink 6 to 8 glasses every day.

2. Cosmetics and skin care products: sometimes these products can clog your pores. If your pores get clogged, your skin increases production of sebum, which is a natural body oil. With nowhere to go, the extra sebum triggers the growth of P.acnes bacteria. This will result in an acne outbreak. Some skin products you may be extra careful with would include make-up foundation, moisturizers, and night creams. Make sure these products are cleaned from your skin completely when you wash.

Cosmetics and other products that clog your pores like these are designated as comedogenic products, because they encourage the creation of comedones (big, deep pus-filled pimples). Read the labels of when you buy skin products. Products that do not have this effect should be labeled as non-comedogenic. One last tip : don’t fall asleep wearing make-up. Sleeping without removing your make-up will push the cosmetics deeper into your pores, not to mention soiling your bedding.

3. Environment and hygiene: pollution, dirt and dust can irritate your skin enough to cause reactions. Depending on what is in the air, it may even block your pores. Removal of these irritants is very important.

Speaking of which, do you know how to wash your face? Yes, you’ve been doing it for most of your life, but there is a proper way to wash that helps prevent acne outbreaks. Wash your face twice a day. Washing more frequently will take away needed skin oils, which will stimulate your glands to create more, leading to overproduction of skin oils and acne.

If you wash your face (or entire body, for that matter) very gently twice a day (okay, even three or four may be all right) with a very gentle cleanser, you’ll have a very clean face and body that should minimize your acne problems. Scrubbing with a roughly textured washcloth, however fresh you may feel afterwards is too harsh for your skin. This form of irritation will create more acne outbreaks than it will prevent. Scrubbing takes away too much of your natural oils and may even damage your hair follicles. If you are prone to outbreaks, be gentle with your skin, and it will reward you.

4. The sun: sunlight can be very hard on your skin. While it is important to get a little sun for vitamin D production, if you have an outbreak, try to avoid spending large amounts of time in direct sunlight. Tanning booths and sunlamps, forget them. Tanning, despite the rumors to the contrary, does not clear up acne. If you are taking medications for your acne, some will have the side effect of making you extremely sensitive to sunlight, including those in sun lamps and tanning booths. Be careful not to get sunburned. Use a sunscreen as needed, and wash it off when you are getting out of the sun.

5. Keep your hands off your face. Germs hitch a ride every time you touch a doorknob, choose a can of soup at the store, or hug your best friend. Transferring those germs to your face is asking for a potential acne outbreak. So, don’t just keep your hands to yourself, keep them off your face.

6. Pop corn, not pimples: try to resist popping those pimples. Popping them spreads the infection that caused them in the first case, and can cause permanent scarring. If the pimples bother you, imagine how you’ll feel with a face featuring pimple scars. They will be there for life. Use an acne treatment and gentle washing techniques and wait it out. If is becomes medically necessary to tend to a pimple, see your doctor.

7. Loosen that tight clothing: tight clothing creates friction when you wear it, and may cause damage to your hair follicles. That may not seem like a big deal when you’re getting ready for that hot date, but it creates damage over time. Acne is not only inconvenient, it is a sign that your body is trying to get rid of toxins. Toxins build up when things are out of balance. Creating unneeded friction on your skin just makes the problem worse, so loosen up and give your hard working skin a break and avoid causing more breakouts.

If you follow some of these guidelines, your face will start to clear up and you’ll look and feel much better in no time.


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