January 16, 2011

The average British woman is a size 14-16. Yet fashion isn’t just reserved for supermodel-shaped bodies. For real those with a rounder figure can also dress with style. We’ve selected clothes that have a slimming effect on your figure.

Style icons who make the most of their hips

Kate Winslet

Kate shot to worldwide fame in Titanic when a young Leonardo DiCaprio drew her spectacular curves before drowning. Ever since this classic scene, she’s refused to slim down and she’s become an ambassador for the full-figured woman. Thank you Kate!


The bootylicious R&B star refuses to starve herself and looks all the better for it. How does she do it? With her sexy diva poses and her muscular dancer’s body. Beyoncé wears what she wants, including slim jeans and short skirts that hug her hips. Her figure is a far cry from the slender physique of legendary singer Diana Ross, but Beyoncé is even more glamorous.

Monica Bellucci

Since ending her career in modelling to turn to acting, the beautiful Italian actress has let her body do the talking. Gone are the days of hollow cheeks and skinny thighs: she now takes pride in her natural curves. Her secret? Her love of homemade pasta.

Jennifer Lopez

Since bursting onto the film and music scene, J.Lo has insisted on staying true to her roots. She says she’s an ordinary Jenny from the Block, but her figure is anything but ordinary. Jennifer is proud of her curves and is confident wearing clothes that show off her sexy hips.

The right cuts
Your clothes should be close-fitting without being too tight. Get rid of XXL and oversized items for good, unless of course you like being mistaken for a sack of potatoes. And don’t weigh your figure down with too many layers or colours.
The right colours
The following three colour types, although dark, flatter your figure:
Neutral: grey and taupe.
Deep: burgundy and dark green.
New blacks: deep purple, navy and anthracite grey.

Can you get away with prints? Definitely, provided they’re not too loud.

If You Want To Hide Your Hips

* Long straight coats
Straight coats structure the body. Wear long ones preferably and in colour to stand out. Big coats, ones that narrow at the knees or that end at the widest part of the hips are out as they will make you look bigger. For a fun look, why not team with wellies or patent leather shoes?
* Babydoll dresses
Retro dresses with a short, flared cut hide hints of bellies and thunderthighs. If you don’t feel comfortable enough with your legs, turn a dress into a tunic, as long as you wear a long coat with it so as not to break up your silhouette.
* Long cardigans
These should cover at least part, if not all, of your bum. A V-neck cut will lengthen your bust. To avoid the granny look, go for colours like brown or grey and not pastels. Wear with jeans and heels to elongate your legs.

Highlight your hips


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