January 15, 2011

Just about everyone has dreamt of being a Pop Star, a movie star, or even a world famous author but not very many people actually get to experience such a life. With the right knowledge you can get pretty close to these people though, and you can make a decent living, as well. Many people find their way into the entertainment business by accident, but most are planned and if you plan well you can end up there on purpose and succeed beyond your wildest imagination.

First Know what it is you want to do.
You don’t have to have an ultra sexy look or voice to break into the entertainment world, in fact many people break into it without these but those that have a knowledge and are willing to work hard are usually paid substantially better. Knowledge can really help you get your foot in the door in many areas of entertainment because people will realize that you are serious about what you want to do when you come prepared, you aren’t just a dreamer. Entertainment is full of dreamers, as you can probably imagine, so proving you have what it takes with Knowledge, experience and motivation will put you at the top of the list every time.
A manger is usualy what you look for first but most have been successful in getting noticed without a manger so dont depend on one.
They key is to look for trends and directions and information inwhich way the industry goes. At any particular time they are always looking talent, but what type of talent?
Being original is great but has its drawbacks, If the industry doesnt know what to do with your talent then you may get stuck in your originality zone.
The best way is to have a bit of what is current and your own style mixed in to get noticed. Then put yourself out there, competitions, youtube, events, facebook. Keep striving for better and better, learn from your inspirations, read, watch, practice, dream dont stop and never give up, you never know wheer it may lead. Some get there quick most take time and its normal for it to take a while!!!!!!
For example it took Destinys child 9 years to get their first hit, it took Halle Berry 8 years to really break her acting career, Thandie Newton wanted to be a dancer but went into acting after a back injury SHE NEVER GAVE UP on her dream in entertainment.
Find out about your industry choice by buying magazines, online content there are tons of info if you just look for it.

If you Keep your eyes and ears open you will start to see what it is they are looking for. For example is it an accident that all of a sudden girl groups just went out the window and now it all about solo singers. So it wouldnt suprise us if Keisha from Sugar Babes comes out with her new stuff and blows up!! But at the same tie we are hearing there is slowly an up surge in interest in girl band again but a new girl band has to break before the interest can kick off to major signingso keep your ears peeled.
Also take note Is it an accident that dancing is in now and its cool to be dancing street?
Is it a accident that Vogue decided to do an all black model issue in their magazine and now there is a growth of Black super models around the world.

The answer to all the above question is No it is no accident. What you have to understand is companies pay alot of money for advisors and consultnace to guide them where the new trends are heading and when they think the time is right to go for it.
Heres an example of where we think a trend is growing… kiddy stars.
Justin Beiber, Willow Smith and Akia (winner of Got to dance) All 16 and under. Now is a great time to be a kid if you have talent as the Industry is prepped and ready for that market and there is proof that the public will accept.

Luckily, you don’t have to be a kid, model, actor, dancer or be able to sing to break into entertainment. If you like people, music, writing, photography, fashion, films or speaking you’ll generally find that you can fit into many aspects of entertainment from behind the scenes quite easily. Knowledge in journalism, creative writing, broadcasting, or marketing are usually quite beneficial when you are getting started and want people to take you seriously,so what are you waiting for? Your career in the entertainment industry could be right around the corner.

If you are dedicated into learning about the industry and its players and movers you will be able to position yourself to take advantage of this knowledge. This applies to any industry if you dont know get to know.
We will delve deeper the next time we talk about this subject in part 2. But for now keep learning your trade.


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